Why are quails the most fertile birds in nature?

Quails have round bodies, short and stocky bodies, thick feathers, usually brown-brown in color, with black spots in the middle of the feathers.

Quail is a typical ground-dwelling bird, distributed mainly in middle and low latitudes of Africa, Asia and Europe.

Quail’s reproductive ability

Quail is a very fertile bird. Each female quail can lay 300 eggs per year, much higher than other poultry such as chickens that can only lay a maximum of 280 eggs per year.

The hatching time for quail is only 17 days. As soon as the baby quail is born, it can follow the mother quail to search for food. More than 40 days later, the baby quail can mature and lay eggs.

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Quail can fly short distances but they mainly live on the ground. This is an omnivore, their food includes seeds, leaves, wheat, barley, berries, and sometimes they eat grasshoppers and worms.

The reproductive ability of quail is closely related to its reproductive biology. A pair of quail ovaries can develop simultaneously, and the number of oocytes in the ovary is very large, usually 2000-3000 oocytes.

In addition, the quail’s reproductive system is also highly adaptable. If a quail egg is damaged or worn, its reproductive system will immediately replenish new egg cells. This mechanism allows the quail’s reproductive system to maintain a high egg production rate.

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When threatened, quail will run away. While some species have the ability to run quickly to hide from enemies, others stand still when in danger. The main enemies of quail are foxes, cats, coyotes, raccoons, tortoises, owls and snakes. These animals often hunt for quail and eat its eggs.

Quail’s living habits

Quail are ground-dwelling birds that prefer grass and bushes. They often live in grasslands, farmlands and lakeside. Their food is mainly grass seeds, insects and small invertebrates.

The lifestyle of quail is very hidden, most of the time they hide in the grass and only appear to humans during certain times such as feeding and breeding. In addition, quails’ mobility is also very flexible and they can quickly avoid danger, which gives them certain advantages in survival in the wild.

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Quails like to stay in warm environments, so they often do not migrate but choose to nest on the ground. Places such as grasslands and bushes are places where quail often nest, because they need something to cover their nest.

Taming quails

Quail is a very popular type of poultry raised. Through artificial domestication, the egg production rate and meat quality of quail can be greatly improved. When raising quails, the main points to pay attention to are as follows:

The quail raising environment must be kept clean and tidy, and light and temperature also need to be controlled within an appropriate range to ensure the quails grow smoothly.

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In winter, quails will live in flocks, huddled together for warmth. However, in nature, in the spring and summer, they will pair up to live, and are even willing to live alone. Female birds usually do not know how to sing, only male birds can sing to attract mates.

Quail food is mainly based on plant foods, such as millet, corn, wheat, alfalfa, etc. At the same time, appropriate amounts of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients are added to ensure proper balance. nutrition for quails.

When raising quails, it is also necessary to pay attention to disease prevention and timely implementation of health care measures such as deworming and vaccination for quail flocks to ensure the health of quail flocks.

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Rutin, a hybrid chicken breed known as the “world’s smallest chicken,” has recently become especially popular in China and created a craze for keeping them as pets. Rutin is not actually a chicken. This is a breed of poultry that is a cross between quail and partridge. But people gave it the nickname “the world’s smallest chicken” and this title has remained until now.

Currently, there is a type of pet chicken that looks very similar to a quail. This type of pet is a rutin chicken. So what is its relationship with quails?

In fact, rutin chicken is a small chicken breed bred from quail and some small partridge breeds. Therefore, rutin chicken can also be considered a type of quail. Inheriting the characteristics of quails, Rutin chickens are also very fertile and can lay 250 to 300 eggs per year.

The rutin is the smallest species created through long-term cross-breeding of spotted-winged and blue-breasted partridges with quail.

Rutin chickens are only about 12 cm long and weigh less than 50 grams, while long hens can be up to 15 cm long and weigh about 55 grams. Although more adapted to living in enclosed spaces as pets and doing much better in this environment than normal chicken breeds, rutin chickens still require much more care than dogs and cats, due to their small size. their baby.

For example, this breed of chicken requires temperatures to only range from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius for adults and from 35 to 38 degrees for young animals.

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