Who Is The Fiancé of Sydney Sweeney? Everything Regarding Jonathan Davino

Sydney Sweeney has been engaged to her fiancé Jonathan Davino since 2022

Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino attend Hulu's 2018 Emmy Party at Nomad Hotel Los Angeles on September 17, 2018.
Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino attend Hulu’s 2018 Emmy Party at Nomad Hotel Los Angeles on September 17, 2018. . Photo:Presley Ann/Getty

Sydney Sweeney may be the star of the rom-com Anyone But You, but that doesn’t mean she’s willing to let the public into her private life with fiancé Jonathan Davino.

The Euphoria actress has been engaged to Davino since 2022 after the two sparked rumors that they were dating in 2018. However, Sweeney has remained mostly mum about her relationship, preferring to keep the details of it to herself.

“Everyone is always so curious about who I’m with and what’s that like, but I think it’s important to have something for me,” she told Glamour UK in December 2023. “I’m very open [otherwise]. I talk about so much and sometimes it gets me in trouble, but I do try to keep something for me.”

Sweeney has dispelled some rumors about him — specifically that he is not a restaurateur — and shared that after six years of being together, they have started to collaborate on producing projects.

So who is Sydney Sweeney’s fiancé? Here’s everything to know about Jonathan Davino and his relationship with the actress.

He is a businessman from Chicago

Jonathan Davino (L) and Sydney Sweeney
Charley Gallay/Getty

Numerous outlets previously reported that Davino was a restaurateur and owner of multiple closed down restaurants in Chicago, which Sweeney clarified is not the truth.

“He’s not a restaurateur,” she told Glamour UK. “I have no idea where that came from. He’s also not the heir of a pizza company. He’s a business guy. He’s from Chicago. We’ve been watching [this narrative] for six years now and I’m like, ‘What the hell?’ ”

He and Sweeney were first seen together in 2018

Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino at a basketball game in 2019. James Devaney/Getty

The couple first sparked rumors when they were seen attending a few parties together, including Hulu’s 2018 Emmy Party and an InStyle and Kate Spade dinner party.

The following year, they were spotted sitting courtside at a New York Knicks basketball game in Madison Square Garden.

Another year passed before fans saw another glimpse of the coy couple. In November 2020, Sweeney and Davino were photographed kissing and enjoying the sun at a beach in Maui, Hawaii.

They got engaged in 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Sydney Sweeney and her boyfriend Jonathan Davino go on a double date with Lili Reinhart and her boyfriend Jack Martin Cipriani in Venice
Billy Rosewood / SplashNews

In February 2022, when Sweeney stepped out with a diamond ring on her left ring finger, PEOPLE confirmed the two were engaged. Though she has not commented on the status of her engagement since (telling Glamour UK she had “no comment”), she has been open about planning her wedding.

Sweeney told Entertainment Tonight in December 2023 that she has been too occupied to plan her wedding yet, but is looking forward to it.

“I am so busy working! I’m a workaholic and I love it, I love it,” she said when asked how the planning process was going.

She elaborated to Glamour UK that while she and Davino had yet to discuss the details, she already had tons of inspiration saved on a Pinterest board she started when she was a child.

“What girl doesn’t create a Pinterest board for their wedding?” the White Lotus actress said. “I started making that when I was like 10. I don’t have a color scheme yet. I’m more of an experience planner, so I’m like, ‘What experience do I want to give people? Are we going on a tropical vacation? Are we doing a carnival?’ ”

Sweeney also added that Davino hadn’t seen the board yet.

Sweeney wants to have a large family in the future

Sydney Sweeney is seen at the Martinez hotel during the 76th annual Cannes Film Festival

Though wedding bells may be further off in the future, Sweeney has given some thought to how she and Davino will expand their family.

“I think about having four kids,” she told Glamour UK. “I dream of teaching them how to ski when they’re little and having them follow me around on adventures, taking them on hikes, teaching them how to build tree houses, just living through their imagination. That’s something I really, really look forward to.”

The actress added that her mindset changes depending on her location. When she’s in a major city, she thinks, “I’d be crazy if I had a kid or got married before I’m 30,” but at home in Idaho, “All my friends or cousins are married and having kids. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I’m behind the train right now. How can I pick it up?’ “

They have worked together

Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino at the Hotel Martinez during the 76th Cannes film festival on May 21, 2023 in Cannes, France.
Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino at the Hotel Martinez during the 76th Cannes film festival on May 21, 2023 in Cannes, France.Arnold Jerocki/GC Images

Before the pair started dating, Davino didn’t work in the film industry. However, in the last six years of their relationship, the two have begun to venture into business together, often producing side-by-side.

Sweeney and Davino even produced her rom-com, Anyone But You, together.

“Jonathan is my producing partner, so he helped put the whole thing together,” she told Glamour UK. “It’s really great to work with someone who knows you so well, who fully supports your ideas, your vision and your voice … And it’s nice. I mean, who doesn’t want to be with their best friend all the time?”

She added in an August 2023 interview with Variety that she enjoys working with Davino because she likes “working with smart individuals.”

Sweeney prefers to keep her relationship private

Though she’s shared some details about her relationship, Sweeney continues to remain mostly tight-lipped about Davino — and she wants to keep it that way.

In a February 2022 cover story for Cosmopolitan, Sweeney said that she strays away from dating people “in the spotlight” on purpose.

“I don’t date actors or musicians or anyone in entertainment because I can just be normal Syd that way and it’s easiest,” she said. “I have a great support system. I have people who will battle for me and allow me to be on the pedestal and shine without making me feel like, Oh no, I’m shining too bright and I need to step back.”

She added in her interview with Glamour UK that she also keeps her love life private because she recognizes how rare a “steady” relationship can be in Hollywood.

“I’ve been in a steady relationship for a really long time, which is not normal in this industry and not normal for my age,” the Reality star said. “What I’ve noticed about the idea of celebrity is people really love to build someone up, and then tear them down.”

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