When the falcon swoops down on its prey at “rocket” speed, the flying pigeons have no chance of survival

When the falcon swoops down on its prey at “rocket” speed, the flying pigeons have no chance of survival.

  1. The sky suddenly became chaotic as the falcon’s wings cut through the space, causing the pigeons to begin to panic. The white clouds were torn apart by the predator’s presence.
  2. The eagle’s wings are like sparks soaring, creating the feeling of a rocket descending. In that terrifying moment, the pigeon immediately felt uneasy and tried to reflexively avoid it.
  3. The pigeons cannot compete with the speed and strength of the falcon. They chase each other away, looking for a safe haven, while the predator’s sharp eyes never leave the target.
  4. While the eagle swooped down like a destructive missile, the dove accepted his fate. Their weak wings become tangled, but the brutality of the natural world continues to be experienced in every defeat of the bird of prey.
  5. No place is safe as falcons take over the skies, creating a horrifying picture of hunting and death across the vast blue sky.

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