What is OG in football? 10 funniest OG situations

I. What is OG in football?

OG in football is an acronym for the phrase Own Goad, which means “own goal”. OG is when a player kicks the ball into his team’s goal. In this case, the referee will record this as an own goal and award the goal to the opposing team.

The causes of own goals are usually:

  • Involuntary situation of the player.
  • Chaotic ball blocking situation on the field.
  • The defense line rose up to attack.
  • The player blocks the ball from the opponent’s goal and lets the ball fly into his own net.

OG trong bóng đá là gì

OG in soccer is the term for an own goal

In fact, the OG situation in football rarely happens, but it is not impossible. An own goal will be recognized as a goal for the opposing team. In some regions and countries, OG will display the name of the opposing player who last touched the ball.

II. What is the penalty for an OG player who scores an own goal?

In case a player participates in match play and intentionally scores an own goal, he or she will be handled in accordance with the regulations of the Match Organizing and Management Committee.

In case a player accidentally violates OG, he will be examined and criticized by fans, considered a criminal. They even received a lot of criticism from the media. Not only that, scoring an own goal also greatly affects that player’s soccer career.

In the history of soccer, many players have achieved the title of “Own Goal” such as: Richard Dunne, Jamie Carragher, West Brown, Rio Ferdinand,… Among them, Richard Dunne, a former Manchester City player, committed 12 goals. own goal.

III. Top 10 funniest OG own goal situations in football

In football, many OG situations have been recorded that make the audience and fans laugh. Below are the top 10 funniest OG own goal situations in soccer history.

1. Lee Dixon

In the confrontation between Arsenal and Coventry in 1991, in a collision, defender Lee Dixon had a wrong pass to goalkeeper David Seaman. The ball went over David Seaman’s head and into the net.

OG trong bóng đá là gì

Lee Dixon fouled OG during the match between Arsenal and Coventry in 1991

2. Olof Mellberg

The next OG violation must include Olof Mellberg’s throw-in from home field. However, the Aston Villa goalkeeper did not control the ball successfully and let the ball hit the corner of the goal. This own goal situation made Birmingham City fans cheer excitedly.

OG trong bóng đá là gì

Olof Mellberg’s own goal in the match against Birmingham City was extremely funny

3. David Luiz

In the confrontation between Brazil and Mexico, player David Luiz missed the ball and flew straight into his own net. David Luiz’s OG foul helped Mexico defeat Brazil 1-0.

OG trong bóng đá là gì

David Luiz’s OG situation caused Brazil to lose 1-0 to Mexico

4. Jamie Pollock

To neutralize the dangerous ball situation, player Jamie Pollock excelled in dribbling the ball well over the opponent’s head. However, things didn’t stop there as this player’s next header against the goalkeeper committed a silly OG violation. Because the goalkeeper couldn’t stop the ball in time, Jamie Pollock’s header became an own goal.

OG trong bóng đá là gì

Jamie Pollock’s header became the most absurd, funniest OG situation in football

5. Kim Nam-il

Kim Nam-il cleverly handled the ball and passed the ball to the goalkeeper from the midfield position. However, if his teammates do not rise too high, the ball will not fly straight into the home net.

Hàn Quốc gọi cựu binh World Cup 2002 tham gia huấn luyện đội tuyển |  Goal.com Việt Nam

The OG phase of former player Kim Nam-il is considered the funniest OG situation in football

6. Djimi Traore

Djimi Traore’s own goal is also ranked among the funniest OG fouls. Djimi Traore’s OG foul accidentally helped Burnley win against Liverpool in the FA Cup.

OG trong bóng đá là gì

Djimi Traore’s accidental own goal caused Liverpool to be eliminated from the FA Cup

7. Pavol Durica

Pavol Durica’s OG violation was a penalty situation when his teammates successfully blocked the ball. And Pavol Durica quickly ran in to clear the ball to prevent the opponent’s free kick. However, because he was too hasty, this player kicked the ball straight into his team’s goal.

OG trong bóng đá là gì

Pavol Durica’s free kick block accidentally scored an own goal

8. Chris Brass

Center back Chris Brass jumped up to block the ball after a pass from the middle of the opponent. However, the ball hit this player’s face and bounced into the corner of the home team’s net. This is considered one of the funniest OG own goal violations in soccer history.

OG trong bóng đá là gì

Chris Brass’s tackle unfortunately became a funny OG situation

9. Minami

Goalkeeper Minami surprised her teammates when she returned the ball into her own net. And it was Minami’s way of throwing the ball towards the home team’s goal that became a memorable OG error in his playing career.

OG trong bóng đá là gì

Minami’s return of the ball into her own net was a silly own goal

10. G.Bale

In the match between Liverpool and Tottenham, G.Bale committed an OG foul after making a rough tackle in the face of teammate Lennon. This tackle by G.Bale flew straight into the home team’s goal.

Surely through the information Nam Viet Sport compiled, you have understood what Og is in football? At the same time, update more football information about the top 10 funniest OG own goal situations.

Gareth Bale giã từ sự nghiệp “quần đùi sao số”

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