What contributions has Cristiano Ronaldo made to charity?

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    • Supporting the earthquake disaster in Nepal

      In 2015, the Nepal earthquake caused about 8,000 deaths and nearly 20,000 injuries. Although after the disaster, many organizations are still calling for support to help the people of Nepal, Cristiano Ronaldo has made a meaningful move. He decided to contribute by donating up to 5 million pounds (equivalent to 7.7 million USD) to the Save The Children fund, to support victims of the disaster.

      Sponsor medical treatment for children

      In 2014, Cristiano Ronaldo showed an act of kindness when he covered all costs for examination and neurosurgery for Erik Ortiz Cruz, a 10-month-old boy from Toledo, south of Madrid. .

      Cruz suffers from a rare congenital brain disorder that causes him to suffer dozens of seizures every day. Surgery became the only solution to treat this condition, but the cost of up to 60,000 euros for surgery and 6,000 euros for each medical examination was far beyond the Cruz family’s ability to pay.

      According to AS, Cristiano Ronaldo paid nearly 80,000 euros to support Cruz during his treatment. Although this number is small compared to the Portuguese striker’s huge income, for Cruz and his family, it brings hope and saves lives.

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    Selling Golden Balls for charity

    Cristiano Ronaldo achieved an amount of up to 600,000 euros from the auction of the Golden Ball he won in 2013. This amount was used for charity purposes.

    The auction took place in London on October 3, 2017. All proceeds went to fund “Make A Wish”, a charity that helps children with serious illnesses have the opportunity to realize their dreams or work towards positive experiences. pole.

  • Become a UNICEF ambassador

    He is an ambassador for three major charity organizations, Save the Children, UNICEF and World Vision, and has repeatedly called on people to support difficult cases.

    In his speech when receiving the 2014 Golden Ball award, Ronaldo shared about meeting a group of children with leukemia.

    In addition, Ronaldo has also spoken out to protect the rights of children in the conflict in Syria. He has quietly performed charitable actions for Save the Children without wanting to announce them. Ronaldo also participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge to support the ALS medical campaign.

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    Selling European Golden Shoes for charity

    In 2011, Cristiano Ronaldo was honored with the European Golden Shoe title after scoring 40 goals in a season. He decided to auction this shoe for charity purposes. The total proceeds from this were £1.2 million, and this money was used to build a number of schools in Gaza, which was severely affected by the consequences of the war.

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    Donate all prize money to charity

    In 2016, according to information revealed by Marca newspaper, Real Madrid decided to separately reward Cristiano Ronaldo with a sum of up to 600 thousand euros (equivalent to more than 15 billion VND in Vietnam) as part of recognizing his contributions. His importance in winning the 11th Champions League trophy for the team. However, CR7 decided to refuse to accept this money and use it entirely for charity purposes.

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