Watch: Viral video shows passerby rescuing swan stuck in fence, sparks worry among netizens

The video of the swan stuck in between metal bars has crossed 10 million views on X.

The rescue video of a swan which found itself trapped in a fence has gone viral, sparking both awe and worry among netizens. The clip was reportedly captured by a passerby at an unidentified location.

Circulated on social media platform X by user @JoshyBeSloshy, the video shows the swan unable to free itself from the metal bars of a fence. It seemed exhausted after perhaps having tried to flap its way out of the unforgiving grip of the structure.

The post already has 10 million views, 3.3k retweets and 3.7k saves. Fortunately, a person happened upon the scene and wasted no time in springing into action. With a combination of gentle coaxing and careful manoeuvering, the passerby managed to free the swan.

Watch the video below:

The incident has sparked discussions about safety, how natural spaces are increasingly encroached upon by human infrastructure, and how encounters between wildlife and urban environments are becoming more frequent, raising concerns about the safety and well-being of the animals navigating these spaces.

One user, who appeared distrustful, said, “Crazy part is that it’ll still come after you. Right when it catches its breath.” Another thoughtfully added, “That Swan was definitely drained of energy from being stuck like that.”

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“Swans are known for trying to alive themselves after a broken heart. They’ll fly high up and just drop. Maybe that explains the location and it not being able to move properly,” a netizen posted, while still another echoed the concern regarding how the bird got there in the first place: “How did her face get stucked? Poor swan.”

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