VAR check corner: Pogba called a butterfly to harm Ronaldo

The appearance of these “uninvited guests” is always one of the most mentioned stories at EURO 2016. Before the closing ceremony of the tournament taking place in France, a huge flock of moths with A number of up to thousands of animals suddenly flocked to the Stade de France stadium.

They cause a lot of discomfort for the players when they are warming up, especially for the Portuguese team and the referee team, coaching staff, and coaches of the two teams. Many people had to crouch down in the yard to avoid being hit in the face and body by these uninvited guests.


This unexpected incident before the final was completely unexpected by the organizers. And, it happened right near the start time for the closing ceremony and the final match, so no optimal measures were taken so as not to affect the most important event at Stade de France.

Two of the people who were “bothered” the most by moths at the Stade de France at that time (the match took place in the early morning of July 12, 2016, Vietnam time) were midfielder Pepe, who later received the award. thought the Best Player of the final, and Ronaldo – who was injured in this famous final.


If Pepe was bothered by butterflies around his head and neck, then CR7 had many butterflies landing in his mouth, eyes and neck. And two photos of Ronaldo with a butterfly landing on his eyes and neck were later spread at breakneck speed on social networks.

The cause of this incident was later explained as the overly bright lights at the Stade de France that were turned on for two consecutive nights, accidentally “calling” thousands of moths to flock here according to biological habits. of this insect. However, a few years later, information appeared that the giant flock of butterflies did not suddenly arrive, but that a certain “haunted force or witch” had “controlled” them to come for their own purposes. private destination.


Then, it was Mathias Pogba, his older brother who once had a rivalry with Paul Pogba, the top midfielder of the French national team at that time, who revealed that his younger brother single-handedly created the above-mentioned horrifying “butterfly calling” scene. to harm Ronaldo and the Portuguese national team. “He wants the Portuguese players, especially Cristiano Ronaldo, to feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable before this important match,” Mathias Pogba once accused his younger brother.

Mathias also revealed that Paul Pogba had to pay a large sum of money to a witch to summon a “butterfly pandemic” to sabotage the Portuguese national team, bringing victory to the French national team. However, “magic” has the opposite effect.

Portugal suddenly won the championship after Eder’s only goal in extra time. The European Selecao won against a French host team with a group of young talents in the prime of their careers such as Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann, Hugo Lloris, Dimitri Payet, Olivier Giroud, Blaise Matuidi, Samuel Umtiti,… Obviously, This is the “hitting your back” tactic…


Later, Mathias also emphasized that Paul Pogba went to see the wizard to get his money back because the “butterfly calling” trick caused the French stars at that time to lose the match. And of course, Paul Pogba was unable to reclaim that money. Then he himself admitted that he hired witches, but for good things, not bad things.

Paul Pogba is a great talent, there is no doubt about that. But the talented French midfielder also caused many scandals. The latest is the scandal of using banned substances and being suspended for 4 years. Previously, Pogba had been exposed for hiring witches to harm others.


In addition to hiring a witch to “call moths” to the EURO 2016 final to harm Ronaldo and the Portuguese team, Paul Pogba was also accused by his brother of casting a curse on Mbappe to cause the French striker to get injured while wearing the shirt. PSG. Before Mathias spoke out against his younger brother, Paul Pogba and Mbappe were always close brothers on the French team.

However, before the 2022 World Cup took place in Qatar, Mathias revealed that Paul Pogba once spent 100,000 euros to hire a witch in West Africa to cast a spell on Mbbappe’s injury. Not stopping there, Mathias also threatened to release video evidence of how Paul Pogba hired a witch to assassinate Mbappe.


However, Paul Pogba spoke up to deny the information from his brother. He found the sorcerer Mathias mentioned to clear his name. “The entire story about Mathias’s witchcraft is just a media stunt and a complete fabrication. Paul has never asked me to cast a spell or cast a spell on Mbappe or any PSG match,” said Birame D – Senegal’s “witch doctor”.

Mathias has a twin brother, Florentin, born in 1990 in Conakry, Guinea. He has another famous younger brother, Paul Pogba, born in 1993 in France. All three brothers followed a football career, but only Paul had an outstanding career.


Mathias and his twin brother mostly played for lower-class clubs and retired in 2022. In August 2022, Mathias shocked when he made accusations against his younger brother, Paul Pogba. “He is a traitor, coward, hypocrite. I almost died because of him,” Mathias spoke up to expose his younger brother nearly a year and a half ago.

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