VAR check corner: How did Mauro Icardi ‘cuckold’ and then ‘steal’ his teammate’s wife?

Icardi is so close to Maxi that he often goes to his teammate’s house for dinner, and even goes on long trips with Maxi and Wanda. But Maxi was unlucky to meet a rude friend who seduced Wanda right on their three-person trip. Icardi also pranked Maxi by tattooing the names of Maxi and Wanda’s three children together on his arm.


Maxi was born in 1984, 9 years older than Icardi. Maxi is Icardi’s idol. The two first met in 2008. At that time, Maxi had just married the beautiful Argentinian dancer Wanda Nara and had been coming to Barca for 3 years. Icardi is a young player full of potential and was brought to Camp Nou as an apprentice by the scouts of the Catalan team.

In the worldview of 15-year-old Icardi, Maxi Lopez’s family is a big dream. Icardi is happy and admires Lopez because his great friend has found the dream half of his life. Three-person trips often take place, and then Icardi witnesses Maxi-Wanda’s children being born one after another…


The friendship between them could continue to grow and strengthen, if it were not for the energetic young man Icardi who quickly realized that Wanda herself had become the woman of his dreams. By January 2011, when Icardi wore the Sampdoria shirt on loan (then was bought permanently in the summer of 2011), those “fleeting emotions” thought they would fade into the past when out of sight, out of mind…

But, it’s truly destiny. Icardi was extremely surprised when his close friend Lopez also moved to play for home team Luigi Ferraris on loan in 2012. Of course, Lopez’s “baggage” is Wanda and her three young children. Icardi is now older and realizes his feelings for Wanda are growing stronger. Turns out, those old feelings were not temporary. They just lie dormant, waiting for an opportunity to explode.

And most importantly, Icardi discovered that the woman 6 years older than him also had the same feelings for him. The two began a secret, steamy and twisted love affair.


But paper is difficult to wrap fire. The more secret love is, the more intense it is and the easier it is to be discovered. Not long after that, Icardi always showed a “half lean, half fat” performance: playing extremely well away from home but very bad at home.

The Italian media revealed “lightning” information about the love triangle, which made Lopez extremely heartbroken. It turned out that his once close friend only had eyes for his beautiful wife, who was in her prime, and was no longer interested in his fragrant steak.

When the story broke, Icardi and Lopez could no longer play for the same team. Inter took this opportunity to sign Icardi in the summer of 2013 for a very cheap fee, just over 11 million pounds. Icardi is gone, but what he left behind at Sampdoria is a mess, especially with Lopez.


Out of love for her three children, Lopez agreed to give Wanda a chance to correct her mistakes. But while Lopez spent a lot of time on the cover of the Italian version of “Hello” magazine, Wanda began filing for divorce. And in December 2013, Lopez and Wanda went their separate ways, ending their 5-year marriage.

The whole of Italy was glued to the television screen on April 13, 2014, the day Sampdoria welcomed Inter in a match that went down in history as “The Wanda Derby”. The two players refused to shake hands before the match and only Icardi (and Wanda) were left smiling at the end of the match after his double helped Inter win 4-0.


The camera lens even caught Wanda hugging and kissing Icardi passionately, as if intentionally irritating her once passionate ex-husband not long ago. Lopez really collapsed. The shock was so great that he just wanted to leave Sampdoria. In the summer of 2014, he signed a contract with Chievo with hope and effort for a new start. But this season, he only played 13 matches.

Meanwhile, on May 27, 2014, less than half a year after the divorce, Wanda held a rumored wedding with Icardi in Buenos Aires. Proof of the love between the Icardi – Wanda couple are their two daughters, Francesca and Isabella, born in January 2015 and October 2016, respectively.


Icardi and Wandi’s fiery and “paradoxical” love affair only lasted for more than 8 years. The couple went through many turbulences and speculations about the “he eats spring rolls, she eats spring rolls” scene, culminating in Icardi’s affair with China Suarez – an actor and model in Argentina, and the “affair” of Wanda with Keita Balde Diao, who was Icardi’s teammate at Inter before.

This is not the first time Wanda has caused a stir because of a love scandal. She was once accused of having a shady relationship with her personal bodyguard while she was still in love with Icardi.


“Whatever you sow, so will you reap”, “your stick will hit your back”. Wanda and Icardi took turns “cheating” while living together, then denounced each other in the media. After many times of reconciling and forgiving each other for the sake of their children, by the end of 2022, the two decided to “break up” and free each other.

Currently, Wanda is doing business in her hometown of Argentina, and Icardi is playing quite well for Galatasaray in the Turkish National Championship. Obviously, the script has already been written, now we just need someone to execute this movie that promises to become a “blockbuster”.

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