VAR check corner: Abidal, from organ trafficking to adultery scandal with female Barca star

Abidal played very successfully and won many titles for Barca, most notably the two Champions League titles in 2008/09 and 2010/11. However, when he was at the peak of his career, the defensive specialist of the Camp Nou team was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2011.

Desperate to the extreme, Abidal once wanted to seek death to free himself and his family from this misfortune. However, right when Abidal was at his most deadlocked, several leading doctors in Spain advised him to find a suitable liver source to perform a liver transplant.


After many stages of preparation, both psychological and liver donation, Abidal finally received a liver transplant in 2012 and his health gradually recovered. At that time, Abida’s liver donor was confirmed to be his cousin, Gerard Armand.

Although he did not compete much after his liver transplant, Abidal is always mentioned as a typical example of the spirit of overcoming illness to continue contributing to the king’s sport. His name was especially heated up again when Barca appointed him as the club’s sporting director for the 2018-2020 period.

However, things suddenly took a different turn right after Abidal was appointed. El Confidencial newspaper published information revolving around a phone conversation between former Barcelona president Sandro Rosell and Juan Jose Castillo, who used to be the manager of Barca’s player services office.


The shocking conversation was that both Rosell and Castillo tried their best to discuss using the club’s funds to buy a liver for Abidal, even from the black market in case a suitable source of liver could not be found. .

That is, it is likely that Barca created a scenario of illegally buying and selling organs to transplant Abidal’s liver. This violates Spanish law. In addition, the fact that Gerard Armand appeared at the hospital during Abidal’s liver transplant surgery as well as the recovery process was actually just a front to cover up the truth.

Because there was not enough convincing evidence, the Spanish court dropped the charges. But what happened made Abidal’s image in the eyes of the graveyard no longer as sparkling as before.

The noise about accusations of buying organs from the black market passed for about 2 years, then the adultery scandal with female player Kheira Hamraoui, who played for Barca in the period 2018-2021, while Abidal was Sports Director at Barca broke out again. . Maybe everything would have been successfully covered up by Abidal, if something had not happened to his lover Hamraoui.

On November 4, 2021, Hamraoui, who had now transferred to PSG, and another female player sat in the car of Aminata Diallo (Hamraoui’s teammate at PSG) after leaving a dinner organized by PSG. When approaching Hamraoui’s house, suddenly two masked men stopped the car and dragged her out alone, used an iron bar to hit her legs and then escaped.


Diallo is suspected of hiring thugs to attack and harm Hamraoui in order to take over the starting position at both PSG and the French national team. The incident became even more complicated when after the accident, Diallo started for Hamraoui and PSG won 4-0 against Real Madrid in the Champions League on November 9.

However, after being detained for 36 hours to serve the investigation, Diallo was finally released by the police due to lack of evidence to incriminate him. During interrogation, both Hamraoui and Diallo confirmed that the two strangers shouted loudly, “Do you like sleeping with married men?”

It wasn’t until the police searched Hamraoui’s phone that they discovered Abidal’s sex messages. Not only that, the SIM card that this female player born in 1990 used was registered under the name of… Abidal.


In the call log, Hamraoui called Abidal on the morning of November 4, then in the evening she was assaulted by two strangers. These details made public opinion turn to suspect Hayet Kebir, Abidal’s wife, because they believed that the beauty was jealous and humiliated her husband’s lover.

However, Hayet spoke up immediately after the incident. “It was I who opened the door to welcome Hamraoui into the house when she first arrived in Barcelona. I went to cheer for her in Barca matches. My children still remember Hamraoui.

And of course, I have nothing to do with this incident. My crime is probably that I tried to help Hamraoui integrate quickly with Barca, like I did with many other players. Until I discovered Hamraoui’s strange behavior towards my husband.

Eric and I have gone through a lot of ups and downs in our marriage that I don’t want to talk about. Of course, Hamraoui wasn’t Eric’s first secret lover. The bad thing is that Eric did not publicly apologize to me, nor did he ever defend me against the accusations or rumors that wanted to engulf me,” Hayet shared in November 2021.


Afterwards, Abidal spoke up and asked his wife for forgiveness. “Hayet, please forgive me. No matter what you decide, in my eyes, you are still the woman of my life and the wonderful mother of our children. You deserve this humiliation, even if it kills you,” Abidal publicly apologized to Hayet for the first time.

In response, Hayet wrote on Instagram: “You forgive until something collapses inside you, you no longer feel anything, neither forgiveness nor anger, but only the desire to quickly turn a new page.” of life and no longer think about anything”.


Abidal was born in 1979, Hayet was born in 1983. The two first met in 2000 when Hayet was a gymnast. They got married in 2003 and have 5 children together (4 girls, 1 boy). After more than 20 years together, Hayet filed for divorce from Abidal at the end of November 2021.

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