The Raptors are struggling, losing seven straight games and nine of their last ten, facing challenges due to injuries and a lack of defensive prowess.

Raptors Offense Struggles in Loss to Magic - Sports Illustrated Toronto Raptors News, Analysis and More

  • Raptors lost seven straight games and nine of their last ten
  • Orlando Magic improved to 40-28, half a game behind the New York Knicks

Raptors’ lack of size and defensive abilities are becoming increasingly apparent, impacting their performance against larger teams like the Magic.

  • Raptors have a 23-45 record, tied for the sixth-worst in the league
  • Struggling defensively and facing challenges in rebuilding their roster

Future lineup considerations for the Raptors, evaluating which players might stay or leave for the next season.

Raptors’ ongoing slump underscores the need for roster adjustments and defensive improvements to remain competitive in the league.