This rare bird with a unique horn beak is very faithful, does not change partners, and is in the Red Book

With the name Earth Phoenix, this species of Hornbill is currently on the list of species facing great danger of extinction in nature, due to the terrible hunting speed of humans…

This type of bird is also listed in the IUCN Red Book and Vietnam Red Book. They belong to group IB – forest animals that are threatened with extinction and are strictly prohibited from exploitation and use for commercial purposes…

They are distributed in plains and mountainous areas with tropical and subtropical climates in some Southeast Asian countries, India and southern China.

Adults have a wingspan of up to 1.6 meters. Their impressive wingspan makes them look massive and majestic

The hornbill has the scientific name Buceros bicornis, is the largest hornbill in the Hornbill family, with a weight of up to 4kg, reaching a body length of 90-122cm.

People can easily recognize this bird based on its size, large body weight, and especially its long, curved beak with bright, vibrant colors.

The hornbill is a bird with a warm heart and is very loyal. They will not change partners throughout their lives and are very devoted and devoted to their families, working together to raise their chicks. This bird has a great belief in love

Although they live in flocks of 20 – 40 individuals, Hornbills will only form monogamous pairs. If something unfortunate happens to their partner, the remaining Hornbill will suffer loneliness for the rest of their lives

As an omnivore, the hornbill’s favorite foods are fruits, worms, insects, and even some small rodents and other small birds.

Handicraft products from the Hornbill’s beak and hornbill. Chinese craftsmen use the Hornbill’s horn beak to create highly valuable works.

This horn beak was also carved into many exquisite shapes by Japanese artisans.
Hornbill horn beak costs about 6,150 USD/kg (3 times more expensive than elephant ivory).

The hornbill is also a type of bird chosen as a mascot to worship the gods during festivals. Some tribes in India also use the feathers of this bird to make headdresses for men.

It is also for this reason that today the trade in horn beaks of this bird is taking place underground. Currently, the number of Hornbills in the wild is seriously decreasing due to many factors from the environment to illegal hunting.

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