The Nile River, which of life, because it brings the source of life to nourish and protect this mysterious land of Egypt.

The Nile River – the river of life, because it brings the source of life to nourish and protect this mysterious land of Egypt. With abundant water resources, the Nile River has created the richest valley on the “black continent”, contributing to becoming the cradle of the brilliant ancient Egyptian civilization, bringing pride to all humanity. . The combination of the mysterious windy and sandy desert landscape and the harsh natural conditions, the appearance of the Nile River seems to have become a source of inspiration for the creation of interesting mythological stories about gods. Egypt.

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For thousands of years, ancient Egyptians have always considered the Nile River to be the river of life, not only because it brings a source of life to nourish the land of Egypt, but also because of its immense civilization and cultural values. . The water of the Nile River has helped them fight soil erosion and desert encroachment and is the main source of fresh water for arid Egypt. People would not be able to settle in this legendary land if it were not for the Nile River, that is why they consider the Nile River as a sacred god and every year they celebrate the Nile River offering water ceremony with gratitude. deepest gratitude and respect. The flow of the Nile River for thousands of years has been the source of inspiration for countless interesting myths about ancient Egyptian gods.


One of the famous mysterious stories about the Nile River is the legend about the death of the god Osiris. Legend has it that he was torn into 14 pieces at the hands of his younger brother during the war between the gods at that time. The grieving wife silently searched for the pieces of her husband’s body wrapped in cloth hidden in the bed of the Nile River. Osiris suddenly resurrected after 70 days, thanks to the water of the Nile River flowing throughout the fabric and penetrating every piece of broken flesh. Osiris was honored to become the king of the dead because of his ability to reincarnate and was also able to control the vast Nile River. It was also thanks to Osiris that the water of the Nile River rose through both sides of the river to irrigate the dry Egyptian land that was gradually becoming desertified.

Du lịch Ai Cập, ghé thăm dòng sông Nile huyền thoại | VIETRAVEL The places where the river water overflowed suddenly sprouted, appearing countless times. food crops. And from then until now, every time the Nile River overflows, the Egyptian people rejoice, sing and organize the Nile River Festival as an expression of gratitude and respect for the god Osiris. Osiris is often depicted with blue skin the same color as the Nile River as a symbol of rebirth.


Today, after each flood season, the Nile River leaves behind vast layers of extremely fertile alluvium on the fields. It is thanks to the layers of black alluvium that are always deposited every year that it promotes cultivation, increases maximum agricultural productivity, and helps Egyptians always have surprisingly bountiful harvests. It can be affirmed that the Nile River is the “gift” that Mother Nature bestows on Egypt.

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