The Mystery of the Bird That Signals Death

Pigeons or barn owls are very intelligent and lovely birds. However, since ancient times in Vietnam, they have been considered evil because if a pig calls at the gable of a house, someone in that house is about to die.

When a barn owl calls 7 hours, death applies to men, and 9 hours indicates death to women.

It is also rumored that when a person is about to die, a characteristic smell will be released and the pig bird, with its sharp hearing, has detected and signaled. Because of such a concept, when the sound of birds and pigs squealing loudly in a quiet night, it always creates a creepy feeling.

Chim lợn

Even the sounds of birds and pigs at night will make the whole village talk about the death that will happen to someone, and then people will compete with each other to guess the old and the new. Because of the belief that this bird brings bad omens, pig birds are hated, chased away, and even killed.

From the above analysis, the question “are pig birds really scary?” has been denied by experts. Experts give more evidence to prove this statement: ” Pigeons are not only not scary, but they are also useful birds for agriculture. According to documents, every year the Grey-backed Barn Owl (Tyto alba) has can destroy 300 – 400 rats that destroy crops”.

As for Dr. Vu The Khanh, although he admitted that the pig bird’s cry was related to the dead person, he also believed that it should not be “blamed” entirely on the pig bird. “Because in reality, even if the pig bird doesn’t make a sound, someone will still die. The pig bird should only be considered an alarm bell, just like when a rooster crows, it’s morning or even if the ants don’t fly out of the nest, it still rains and dragonflies. If you don’t fly high, the sky will still be sunny…” Mr. Khanh said.

Thus, the cry of the pig bird is not at all mysterious, spiritual or only brings bad luck. However, “believing or not believing in something depends on each person’s perspective. The belief that the pig bird foretells death should be considered the same as people believing that the bird’s cry is a sign that the house will be safe.” there are visitors, or animals around the world predict the results of football matches in the Wold Cup…” , experts commented.

Their favorite food is mice and some insects. When they can’t hunt mice, they eat lizards and some other birds. Barn owls are birds of prey, active mainly at night, often living in pairs or alone and do not migrate.

Chim lợn là loài động vật có ích

These animals may seem slow, calm and mysterious, but they are actually killers, with the speed of a wind and claws as sharp as knives. In the pitch black darkness, its sharp eyes did not miss a small mouse running a hundred meters away.

The barn owl family is one of two families of animals belonging to the owl order . Some species found in Vietnam are often called pig birds because their calls resemble those of pigs. Barn owls are medium-sized and large owls with large heads and strong legs with sharp claws. Their unique feature is their flat, heart-shaped face, made of feathers. These feathers also help locate and amplify sounds when hunting.

Thức ăn của chim lợn là chuột và các loài côn trùng

The feathers on barn owl wings also have a special structure so they do not make noise when flying, helping them hear better and avoid detection by prey. Barn owls have a gray to brown back and a lighter chest and belly, which may be spotted

Wild boar owls are usually smaller and the facial disc is not heart-shaped but is divided into 3 parts, the ears are covered with feathers. Barn owls are quite widely distributed. They can live in deserts, forests, and in temperate and tropical climates. Barn owls are found everywhere, except North America, the Sahara desert and parts of Asia.

Chim lợn là những sát thủ, với tốc độ của một cơn gió và những móng chân sắc như dao.

In Vietnam, there are 3 species of barn owls, including the gray-backed barn owl (Tyto alba stertens), the eastern barn owl (Phodilus badius saturatus) and the brown-backed barn owl (Tyto longimembris). Grey-backed barn owls and brown-backed barn owls are classified as natural enemies of mice (main food is mice), and are strictly prohibited from being exploited from the wild.

The wild boar owl is included in Vietnam’s red book (level T danger – threatened). This species has aesthetic and scientific value and is a valuable genetic resource. Although the wild boar owl has a wide distribution area, the number of individuals is small and rare. It is currently unknown how many individuals remain in the wild.

Cú lợn rừng được đưa vào sách đỏ Việt Nam

Although the pig bird is a natural enemy and is very precious, because of superstitious beliefs, we are discriminating against this bird. In Vietnamese slang, “pig bird” refers to bad people who sneak around like owls and dig up dirt on others.

The word “pig bird” is also used for people doing illegal business and smuggling. That unfair labeling makes preserving this animal even more difficult. Around the world, people consider this a bird with unique beauty and popularity. They have very funny heart-shaped faces. The smooth fur has many beautiful patterns.

Some pictures of the pig bird – the “god of death” bird according to ancient Vietnamese beliefs:









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