The Mysterious Nareepol Tree Species That Bears Fruits Like Girls

The image of a tree species that produces fruits identical to a girl has been circulating on social media for a long time, causing many people to be skeptical. Some people easily believed that this was a real tree species, while many others believed that it was just a hoax, with manipulated and intentional images.


According to information circulating on social media, this tree species is called Nareepol, which in Thai means “woman” or “female,” while “pol” means plant or tree, and Nareepol means “female tree.”


This peculiar tree species is said to grow in Phetchabun province, northern Thailand, about 500km from the capital Bangkok. The tree produces green fruits that resemble beautiful and seductive girls.


After bearing fruits, Nareepol produces fruits that resemble a girl’s features, including hair, head, eyes, nose, arms, legs, and even breasts, which is astonishing. What’s even more surprising is that this tree species only vibrates when touched by men, but there is no reaction when touched by women.


The images of Nareepol tree have been circulating on social media for a long time, causing many people to be skeptical. Some people easily believed that this was a real tree species, even a sacred tree.


On the contrary, many people believe that this is just a hoax, possibly created by Photoshop or manipulated and intentional images. If such a tree species really existed, it would have become extremely famous, attracting many researchers and the media. In fact, no reputable media outlets in Thailand have reported on this tree species.

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