The most “hot-tempered” bird in Vietnam, capable of guarding the house like a dog

In the West, there is a very beautiful and very smart bird that can be kept as a pet or to guard the house instead of a dog, which is the robin. It is a type of ornamental bird, but its ferocious and wild personality has not changed for a long time.

The scientific name of the robin is Porphyrio poliocephalus and belongs to the family of waterfowl distributed in the southern provinces of China and Southeast Asian countries.


Trich Co also has long legs and has quite effeminate and beautiful “dances”.

It is not large in stature, but the breast feathers are green and stand out against the black feathers of the back, especially the beak and comb are red. Trich Co also has long legs and has quite effeminate and beautiful “dances”.

They are originally wild birds, but because they are so beautiful and not difficult to raise, people catch them as pets. People who raise red herrings often treat them like chickens, raising them freely rather than keeping them in cages. At that time, the birds will eat rice, vegetables, meat and fish instead of having to care for them separately like normal ornamental birds.

The black herring still retains its wild behavior and characteristics. They breed easily when living in spacious spaces with lots of trees and ponds. If kept in captivity, the quail will have difficulty giving birth. Robins are most ferocious during the breeding season. At that time, touching them is very risky. An 18-month-old warbler will begin to breed. It lays 2-3 times a year, with an average of 2-6 eggs.

"Bird Robins are raised freely, not kept in cages.

Many people raise robins to guard their homes instead of dogs. Although not as big and strong as a dog, this bird is very ferocious, not losing to anyone. They can rush at their opponents, use their beaks to peck them, and give dangerous kicks that can injure their opponents. In addition, the robin also has a characteristic shriek that is deafening but is very reasonable as an alarm.


Purely raised robins still maintain their “aggressive” nature towards strangers. When strangers come into the house, or if they are teased, they jump on the rocks and scream loudly. That’s why people say this bird is very “hot-tempered” and has the ability to guard the house like a dog.

In the past, woodcocks often appeared in low-lying fields in the Northern Delta, the West and the Mekong Delta provinces. Now, the number of these birds in the natural environment is decreasing and becoming rare.


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