The most beautiful fat girl in Hollywood shows off her beautiful figure on a yacht

Recently on her personal Instagram page, Selena Gomez posted a series of photos and clips of hanging out with friends. She attracted attention by showing off her beautiful figure on a yacht. In the picture, this 31-year-old beauty is wearing a pink bikini, paired with torn jeans, and her long hair loose. The design highlights her plump bust and slim waist. Healthy brown skin looks smoother and more attractive under the sun even without makeup.


Selena Gomez shows off her beautiful figure on a yacht.

The post quickly received a lot of attention from netizens. Many comments praised the beauty of the 9X star. “Beautiful and full of vitality”, “More and more seductive, sister”, “The most beautiful fat girl in Hollywood”, … are comments from netizens.

Besides being a singer and actress, the appearance of this Disney beauty is also always the focus of attention from the media and fans. Not having a slim body or white skin like many other stars, Selena Gomez is extremely attractive with her chubby body and sexy tanned brown skin. At “twenty years old” Selena Gomez still diligently shows off her beautiful figure on her personal Instagram page with more than 426 million followers. She is famous for working hard and keeping a scientific diet to have a beautiful body for many years of artistic activities. At the age of 30, this beauty pays even more attention to the issue of beauty care.


Selena Gomez has had a chubby, attractive body for many years.

Sharing in Women’s Health, Selena Gomez said she plans to exercise and eat properly with personal trainer and nutritionist Amy Rosoff Davis. ” I mainly practice exercises to tone my muscles. I am not limited to exercise, pilates, hiking, dancing, cardio, yoga,… are all subjects that I am currently practicing. Exercise every day and always change your exercises, try new exercises. If you still keep the same old habits or exercises, it will make you feel bored and then you stop exercising. Remember that teamwork Sex should be a part of your lifestyle, not an obligation or a burden,” she said.

Selena focuses on eating lots of vegetables and good protein from eggs and meat. Nutritionist Amy Rosoff Davis shares: “During her shows, I always make her a side of vegetables, avocado. It helps give her energy and stamina, which she needs. She needs to get through her performances. I also make a healthy chicken salad with grapes and celery, it gives her water and protein. Also, Selena Gomez needs to drink lots of water, drink green tea every day”.

Selena Gomez has spent 1-2 hours a day exercising for many years.

Selena has also maintained healthy eating habits for many years. However, she will balance eating to stay in shape and eating the foods she likes. Therefore, from time to time, fans still see this female star posting pictures of eating cakes and pizza with friends and enjoying some drinks such as milk tea and coffee.


As the owner of a cosmetics and beauty brand, Selena Gomez invests heavily in taking care of her skin. She focuses on cleansing, using toner, and masks to provide moisture and restore skin in different parts such as eyes, lips,…

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