The Lionel Messi family was photographed in Rosario at Antonella sister’s wedding.

The captain of the Argentine National Team was not at the church wedding, where his wife was accompanied by their š˜¤š˜©š˜Ŗš˜­š˜„ren: Thiago, Mateo and Ciro. Later, the man from Rosario joined the wedding party with an elegant look.


Roccuzzo leaving the church where his younger sister was married in Rosario.

Social networks

It drew attention that the captain of theĀ Selection,Ā Lionel Messi,< a i=4> was not present at the wedding of his wifeā€™s younger sister,Ā Antonela Roccuzzo, but as the hours passed, it became clear who it would be the reason for the footballerā€™sĀ absence.

The sister-in-law of the captain of theĀ Scaloneta,Ā Carla Rocuzzo, he got married this Saturday byĀ churchĀ in the city ofĀ Rosario, where the couple is from, and whereĀ Antonela went with her 3 š˜¤š˜©š˜Ŗš˜­š˜„ren: Thiago, Mateo and Ciro.Ā The businesswoman surprised with her ā€œtotal greenā€ look. by designerĀ Joti Harriague.

The city was revolutionizedĀ to see the champion of theĀ Qatar 2022 World CupĀ but it couldnā€™t be , since the athlete preferred to stay in theĀ country KentuckyĀ inĀ Funes,Ā 30 kilometers from the center of Rosario.

When Messiā€™s wife arrived there was a large security device on the sidewalk and the main street, with a fence, so that the People did not interfere with the passage of the Rosarioā€™s family, who arrived in a high-end car.

Finally, it was learned that the failureĀ of the Argentine championĀ to attend the ceremony wasĀ due to a matter of ā€œsecurityā€, after evaluating theĀ popular demonstrationĀ that was there.


Social networksThe wedding of Messiā€™s sister-in-law on social networks

A neighbor commented onĀ social networksĀ how they found out about Messiā€™s sister-in-lawā€™s wedding: ā€œWe started walking and passed by one of the most beautiful churches here in Rosario,Ā the difference from all the other days is that it was fenced and there were a lot of people dressed up, so we thought, ā€œcaserio.ā€

The user of theĀ social network We started to investigate and none of the guests wanted to tell us who was getting married, not even the security.Ā Then we found a rude neighbor who told us that Messiā€™s sister-in-law was getting married and thatā€™s why he came. ā€œ.

He immediately reported that they waited butĀ they had no luck: ā€œA question that we began to investigate where he could enter (since the church was not very big) and we ended up staying at a fence to wait for about two hours. And well,Ā a car arrived, the guards began to settle down and we said ready, theyā€™ve arrived, letā€™s go meet Messi. Finally, we saw the whole family, but it turns out that Messi did not go.ā€


IG @lostotora

The wedding partyĀ was also experienced onĀ social networks, and an image was known that The members of the cumbia group came upĀ Los Totora with Messi.Ā The musicians gave a show at the wedding and were photographed next to theĀ from RosarioĀ who wore a look fromĀ elegant sport: white shirt and sneakers and blue tie and pants.

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