The girl caused a fever all over the internet because of her hot selfie: From a Disney princess to the owner of a cosmetics empire

That is Selena Gomez, a name that is no longer unfamiliar to global music and fashion lovers.

The female artist’s recent selfie photo on social networks caused a “storm” because of her hot appearance, even though it was immediately deleted by the owner after just 1 minute. Most of the audience expressed surprise at her “exuberance”.

When mentioning Selena Gomez, people not only remember a famous pop star but also a fashion and beauty icon loved by millions. The girl who was once a Disney child star has now become a successful businesswoman, owning the famous cosmetics brand Rare Beauty. Selena’s journey not only marked a spectacular transformation in beauty but also inspired confidence and self-affirmation.

From famous teen star

Starting her career with Disney Channel, Selena Gomez quickly made her mark in the hearts of audiences with her innocent and radiant appearance. Featured in the series “Wizards of Waverly Place” , Selena always appears with a pure image, chubby cheeks and a sunny smile.

After a long time with Disney, Selena focused more on her singing career and became known as a potential music star during the period 2013-2016. However, Selena’s journey was not always filled with roses. She faced public pressure and serious health problems, including Lupus and related surgeries.

The radiant smile made Selena Gomez famous

After canceling her Revival tour due to health problems, Selena temporarily stepped away from the media spotlight to receive treatment. Returning to showbiz with an appearance at the 2016 American Music Awards, Selena Gomez won the Most Popular Pop/Rock Female Artist category. Her speech was considered one of the most moving and inspiring speeches in the award ceremony’s history.

Every time she appears, Selena shows a new image, adapting to her health conditions and body changes. She is always strong and does not hesitate to share her personal difficulties with the public, making herself a true inspiration for her natural beauty and inner strength.

To the owner of the famous cosmetics brand

When Selena Gomez launched Rare Beauty in 2020, she delivered a clear message: cosmetics are not just to hide flaws but to celebrate each person’s unique beauty. Rare Beauty is more than just a product line; it is also a symbol of self-acceptance and self-love. Rare Beauty’s products are famous for their ability to suit all skin types and colors and quickly win the hearts of consumers everywhere.

Not only is Selena the representative face, Selena is also the soul of Rare Beauty, the cosmetics brand she built with the philosophy of “breaking unrealistic standards of perfection”

Selena’s Rare Beauty brand not only focuses on product quality but also focuses on encouraging people to love themselves and express their individuality through makeup. Each Rare Beauty product carries a strong message of uniqueness and confidence. From foundation to blush to lipstick, each item is designed to enhance natural beauty and empower users to reflect their unique personalities.

The uniqueness of Rare Beauty lies not only in the product but also in the special packaging design. The brand’s key products such as highlighter and liquid blush all have spherical caps. This is Selena Gomez’s idea, stemming from the problems she encountered when using cosmetics. Due to Lupus, Selena often has to deal with hand tremors, so the spherical lid design helps people with similar problems or people with disabilities to hold and use the product conveniently. than.

Even though she is the owner of a cosmetics brand, Selena Gomez sometimes makes makeup mistakes (top row). In fact, this is one of the rare times the owner of Rare Beauty has had problems with makeup and flash. In the past, Selena has attracted attention many times with her extremely slaying makeup looks regardless of the external environment (bottom row).

Gaining weight due to the effects of Lupus medication, Selena Gomez did not hesitate to open up about this process of changing her appearance. During a livestream, the female singer frankly faced criticism about her appearance, by sharing that her weight change was a consequence of using medication. “My body tends to retain water when I take medication, which is completely normal. When I don’t take medication, I lose weight. I want people to realize that I’m beautiful and amazing. Yes. days when we don’t feel good, but health and self-care are most important,” she explained in a video that was widely shared on social networks.

Despite the effects of weight gain due to drug treatment, Selena Gomez is still the center of attention on social networks with her hot body.

In addition to taking care of herself, Selena also shows concern for the community through campaigns to raise awareness about mental health and lift up those around her. She is a prime example of how appearance and influence can be used to create positive change.

Indeed, Selena Gomez’s appearance has gone through many ups and downs and changed drastically. At the age of 31, Selena Gomez has become an inspirational name for Lupus patients in particular and fans around the world in general.

From a Disney child star to a powerful businesswoman, Selena Gomez has used her image and story to inspire and promote a new wave in the cosmetics industry. The viral story of the hastily deleted selfie photo has proven that Selena’s name still has a strong attraction to the media and public opinion. Selena Gomez will continue to write an inspirational story about confidence and self-love.

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