The duck miraculously survived with an arrow through his head for 3 months

The duck was shot in the head by a group of thugs with a crossbow while swimming in the Radbuza River, Pilsen city in the Czech Republic. Many rescue workers discovered it and wanted to save its life, but the duck ran away every time someone came near.

Giải cứu chú vịt sau 3 tháng sống với mũi tên xuyên qua đầu - 1

“The first time we tried to catch it was in April. But to no avail. We tried many times but it always flew away. It recognized us and avoided being caught” , Karel Makon, said the head of the animal rescue center in the city.

"Child The duck miraculously survived because an arrow pierced its head. (Photo: Daily Mail).

The duck was finally captured last week after a coordinated kayak chase.

“We succeeded by taking advantage of the fact that it is moulting. So it cannot fly until new feathers grow out,” Mr. Makon said.

Ảnh chụp X-quang phần đầu và cổ của con vịt. Ảnh: DESOP Plzen.

The duck was then taken to a local veterinarian’s clinic. Here, it was X-rayed before the arrow was removed and returned to the river.

“Maybe it was a victim of poaching. There was a fishing line on the arrow. It looks like a target hunt, but we lack evidence,” Mr. Makon said.

Giải cứu chú vịt sau 3 tháng sống với mũi tên xuyên qua đầu - 3

Police are still looking for the culprit behind the incident.

Giải cứu chú vịt sau 3 tháng sống với mũi tên xuyên qua đầu - 4

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