The bird has the strangest sound in Vietnam


That is the bird in the Vietnamese fairy tale “caught her tied up”.

Birds that tie her up on a pole can be found in most places from the mountains to the plains

This is a medium-sized cuckoo species, living in many places throughout Asia, from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka to Indonesia in the south and China.

Loài chim này có thói quen thích đẻ trứng vào các tổ của loài khác

Tied birds usually have a white upper half of their body while the lower half has many black and white stripes. They often live in forests, at altitudes above 3,600m.

This bird has a habit of laying eggs in the nests of other species

The cry of this bird is very special because each time they cry, people can hear 4 different sounds

Chim bắt cô trói cột thường có nửa thân trên màu trắng trong khi nửa dưới có nhiều vạch trắng đen, thường sống trong rừng, ở độ cao trên 3.600m

The bird “caught her tied up” is what many people call “nine girls and forty” (when criticizing the prices of the girls) or “four girls and ninety” (when the prices increase).

In addition, birds also have names like “five buffaloes and six columns”, “difficulties to overcome”, “tying her to a pole”, “some hanging from a pole”…

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