The ball 'FUSBALLLIEBE' at EURO 2024: How does VAR support?

In German, “FUSBALLLIEBE” means ‘love of football’. This official ball at EURO 2024 uses the integration of advanced technology for the first time, including the role of VAR support.

There are many interesting things surrounding the FUSSBALLLIEBE ball at EURO 2024. Regarding technology, this is the first time at a EURO tournament that the ball incorporates connection technology from Adidas. This plays an important role in the decision-making process of the video assistant referee (VAR). Thanks to a special positioning “chip”, FUSSBALLLIEBE helps VAR accurately “catch” offside errors and reduce decision-making time.

Notably, this technology resolved the debate surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo’s World Cup goal in Portugal’s 2-0 win over Uruguay and the goal awarded to Bruno Fernandes after it. analyzed through ‘Connected Ball Technology’ data.


The technology, previously used in the Adidas Al Rihla World Cup ball, uses sensors that record data 500 times per second, which is synchronized with cameras on the stadium to create 3D offside graphics. There is a sensor in the middle of the ball that can record data 500 times a second whenever it comes into contact with a player during live play.

Adidas claims that the time required to make a VAR offside decision will also be significantly reduced as it now takes just 25 seconds to make the decision as there is no need to manually draw the line as before. The balls used in the Champions League lack chips because they rely on AI technology to make offside calls.


In addition, fans both in the stadium and those watching on television will be able to visually access the 3D offside graphics mentioned above. Adidas claims that efficient and accurate decision-making will mark a pivotal change in football with the help of this technology.

In terms of design, FUSSBALLLIEBE is also very different. Because it completely meets all the speed of the ball’s movement as well as the heat of the match. The combination of connection technology inside FUSSBALLLIEBE plays an important role in supporting VAR referees. This technology provides detailed information about every movement of the ball, contributing to the VAR referee’s decision-making process.


The ball’s outer shell is powered by CTR-CORE, designed to ensure accuracy and consistency, supporting fast, precise play with maximum shape retention and aero stability​. This ensures fairness and transparency in the match and also helps resolve tense situations correctly.

Besides, the use of vibrant colors also aims to honor the vivid and strong appearance of the teams competing in the tournament. Illustrations of each stage of the tournament appear on the ball (group stage, round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, final), along with the name of each host city.

“You know, with such a special design, FUSSBALLLIEBE can also be used as gifts and souvenirs that every tourist coming to Germany during this time can buy. That will be an extremely memorable memory for every person attending EURO 2024 in any capacity: volunteer, fan, regular audience… The other beauty of FUSSBALLLIEBE lies in that.


When designing this official ball, we took inspiration from the energy and diversity of the tournament as well as Europe’s love of football. We hope that the FUSSBALLLIEBE ball will bring joy wherever we play with it,” emphasized Sam Handy, Vice President of Product and Design at Adidas Football.

Meanwhile, Zvonimir Boban, Technical Director and Director of Football at UEFA, believes that the FUSSBALLLIEBE ball will mark a new milestone in the collective dedication of football people to excellent, top-notch football.

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