Surprising revelation: The reason why players always have to cover their mouths when talking on the field

At the world’s leading football tournaments, it is not difficult to see players covering their mouths when they need to communicate with teammates, referees or sometimes even opponents on the field.

So, what is the real reason?

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In fact, the fact that players cover their mouths when talking is partly aimed at hiding their mouth shapes in front of the media cameras. Phil Hall, a public relations and corporate image consultant at the Premier League, said this action stems from a number of legitimate reasons.

He said: “In South America, there are television stations that hire a lip-reading unit. They want to exploit confidential information or find tactical solutions from the exchanges of players, coaching staff, etc. regardless of whether they are playing, directing or sitting on the bench”.

FIFA World Cup™ 2018: Vì sao các ngôi sao đưa tay che mồm khi nói chuyện? | VTV.VN

However, this is just one of the reasons why players are forced to cover their mouths when communicating on the field. Also according to Phil Hall, the players do this “so the people next to them can hear what they’re saying. There’s a lot of noise throughout the stadium and that’s why you have to cover your mouth. At that time, your hands You will be like a speaker, helping the other person hear what you are saying in that bustling atmosphere.

Tại sao cầu thủ luôn che miệng khi nói? - Thể thao


In Europe, I don’t think players are advised to do that. I don’t see any signs for information security reasons in the teams I’ve worked for.

I also don’t hear anyone complaining about having their lips read and posting that content on social networks. I myself have never been asked by leaders for advice on anything similar.”

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