Stunned by the luxurious life of freestyle queen Liv Cooke


Born in Lancashire in a family passionate about football with 2 brothers who are football players, Liv also wanted to pursue a career in “shorts” and soon joined Blackburn’s training facility. Liv once trained with today’s famous British female players, Georgia Stanway, Ella Toone and Keira Walsh.

However, a serious back injury forced Liv to give up her dream of becoming a professional player at the age of 14. Too depressed but still not wanting to forget the feeling of the ball, Liv often practices juggling the ball in all terrains and this is exactly what happened. was the turning point in her life.


Liv becomes a freestyle soccer player. Sharing in 2022, Liv admitted: “I used to think it was a stupid decision. But deep in my heart, it’s what I want together. It looks like I’m trying to achieve it but in reality , for me, football has never been a profession. I have never played football and thought about money”.

“I love football very much and will try to play football for the rest of my life. I don’t care if I earn £10 or £10,000 an hour. Excitement is something that cannot be measured and has nothing to do with talent. I just want to go out on the field and play with my friends.”


Having said that, Liv earns a lot of money from this profession. Clips of her juggling the ball while surfing, juggling… on her phone or tablet attract a lot of views. Liv’s Instagram channel has more than 2 million followers, while her TikTok channel has more than double that number.



In 2021, Liv became the female athlete who earned the most money on the TikTok platform. The huge amount of money earned helps Liv comfortably buy the most luxurious things in the world. She has a super car collection with 3 outstanding cars: Ferrari 488 priced at 170,000 pounds, Lamborghini Urus over 200,000 pounds and Rolls-Royce Phantom over 400,000 pounds.


Liv also owns a villa worth 10 million pounds and often travels to the most expensive places in the world. Liv travels by private plane and always appears with her diamond jewelry.

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