Stephen Curry talks about the special value that Chris Paul brings to the Golden State Warriors

With Stephen Curry (35 years old), Klay Thompson and Draymond Green (both 33 years old), the Golden State Warriors have the three most experienced players in the NBA. They have played together for 12 years, gone through many NBA Finals and won the championship four times.

Now the Warriors will have another experienced piece in the form of Chris Paul (38 years old), a player with leadership qualities who played for 5 teams before coming to Golden State this summer.

Chris Paul (left) has now become a teammate of Stephen Curry after joining the Golden State Warriors a few weeks ago

Chris Paul is expected to bring a positive influence to the Golden State Warriors team, especially when the team just had an unimpressive 2022-23 season. Captain Stephen Curry shared about this on a recent podcast as follows:

Before talking about Chris Paul, I want to talk a little about last season. I’m quite sad to lose Jordan Poole. I’m also not happy when the team doesn’t meet expectations. But for things to get better, change is needed, so we changed personnel.”

Stephen Curry regrets having to say goodbye to Jordan Poole as he and his teammates performed below expectations last season.

“With Chris Paul, I see that the Warriors are now a team with many suitable pieces. We can rotate many different formations, many people hold the ball and rotate positions with each other.

More specifically in terms of combat experience, I think the team has taken a big step in the right direction. This team will now be more mature with a veteran element in the locker room, something many successful teams in the NBA need,” Curry added.

Stephen Curry and Chris Paul watch the Golden State Warriors compete in the 2023 NBA Summer League

Both bringing valuable experience and being suitable in many different ways of rotating the squad are what Chris Paul brings to the Golden State Warriors.

Although this defender is older and on the other side of his career, he will not be under too much pressure when playing alongside a trio of stars like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

It is expected that Chris Paul’s usage and minutes will decrease compared to previous seasons

“I’m here with the sole goal of winning the championship. It’s hard to look forward to anything else when on a team with stars like Stephen Curry, Draymond Green or Klay Thompson and other quality players,” Chris Paul shared recently.

Experts say that Paul’s expected playing minutes at the Warriors will decrease by about 20-30% compared to recent seasons, from an average of more than 32 minutes per match to 25 minutes.

With a much more mature element in the locker room, the Golden State Warriors hope to maintain absolute professional focus in the new season.

I will do everything to help the team succeed, not paying much attention to other factors. I’m very excited and eager to start joining and training with my new teammates “, Chris Paul added.

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