Stephen A. Smith Declares Steph Curry as Basketball’s Divine Icon: An Attraction Beyond Comparison

Stephen A proclaims Steph is closest thing to ‘God-like figure’ originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

It is no secret that Steph Curry is a special talent, but ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith hopes the Warriors won’t waste what’s left of the NBA superstar’s future Hall of Fame career.

Smith believes Curry’s game is so unique — going as far as comparing him to God — that Golden State cannot afford to miss the NBA playoffs again with the 3-point king on the roster, which means putting the pieces around him to get the job done next season.

“The Warriors owe Steph Curry whatever the hell Steph Curry wants,” Smith said Thursday while appearing on 95.7 The Game’s “Willard and Dibs.” “I’m a Christian and I don’t compare any man to God, but that man Steph Curry is the closest thing to a God-like figure that you have in that area. Make no mistake about it. Too invaluable. Too untouchable. And oh by the way, still a star.

“That man needs more talent, go get him more talent. That man needs a better roster, go get him a better roster. He needs Steve Kerr re-up’d for years to come, you do that too.”

Following an up-and-down 2023-24 season, the Warriors missed the playoffs for just the third time in 12 years.

But that was to no fault of Curry.

Luka Doncic is the guy": Steph Curry boldly proclaims Mavericks Star is  poised to become the next big phenomenon in the NBA

In his 15th NBA season, the 36-year-old averaged 26.4 points on 45-percent shooting from the field and 40.8 percent from 3-point range, with 4.5 rebounds and 5.1 assists in 74 games.

While Warriors general manager Mike Dunleavy and Co. have plenty to figure out to flip the script and get back to NBA title contention in the 2024-25 season, Smith believes the only certainty remains Curry, adding that there’s no other star Golden State could acquire that would equal Curry’s talent.

“You give Steph Curry whatever the hell he needs in order to keep him, as a team, relevant in the championship equation. He deserves no less,” Smith said. “He’s still a superstar in this league! The brother is the epitome of perfection when it comes to a professional athlete. …

“It doesn’t get any better than Steph Curry. You give him what the hell he needs.”

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