Statistics prove Joel Embiid can become NBA MVP again

If the 2023/24 NBA season ends now, Joel Embiid will win the MVP title for the second time in a row. In the first MVP voting of the 2023/24 season organized by ESPN, the Philadelphia 76ers star finished in first place with a total of 848 points. The second ranked person is Nikola Jokic, center forward of the Denver Nuggets with 630 points. While Giannis Antetokounmpo of Milwaukee Bucks ranked 3rd with 352 points.

Joel Embiid

Of course, it’s too early to talk about the MVP race. But Embiid is really leading and becoming a bright candidate for the MVP title of the 2023/24 season. Other than the controversial 2022/23 season, Embiid is truly the best player in the NBA right now. Below are statistics showing the excellence of the 76ers center forward.

Minutes of competition

Embiid plays 34.1 minutes per game this season. It was the second highest mark of his career, but that’s not what made it notable.

NBA Starting 5, Dec. 21: Embiid drops 51, Clippers push streak to 9 |

In 34.1 minutes on the court, Embiid averaged 35.1 points, making him the first player since Wilt Chamberlain to average more than a point per minute in a season, according to Stat Muse. Chamberlain did that in the 1961/62 season, when he averaged 50.4 points in 48.5 minutes of play.

The efficiency of Embiid’s throws is also very impressive. With 21.8 shots per game (career high), Embiid is effective at 54.1%. He also achieved an 89.3% success rate on 11.7 free throw attempts per game.

NBA Starting 5, Dec. 21: Embiid drops 51, Clippers push streak to 9 |

Below is a list of the best free throw shooting centers in a season in the NBA.

  • Joel Embiid season 2020/21
  • Joel Embiid season 2022/23
  • Joel Embiid season 2023/24

Average throw

As of December 21, only DeMar DeRozan has averaged more shots than Embiid. However, it took DeRozan 205 shots to succeed 79 times (38.5%). Meanwhile, Embiid has an average of 73 successful shots on 142 attempts (51.4%). This is something that tall strikers often cannot do, but Embiid is an exception.

Worth mentioning, Embiid not only defeats opponents with his superior height, he overcomes opponents with cossover techniques, creates space and finishes with his signature stepback or falling thrower.

In the situation below, Embiid’s opponent is Rudy Gobert – Defensive Player of the Year three times in a row, but the French striker was still easily defeated by Embiid.

Embiid scored 51 points against Gobert and the Timberwolves in 36 minutes of play. Most of the points he scored came from average shots.

Joel Embiid shot chart vs. Timberwolves

Philadelphia 76ers offensive rating

James Harden played at an All-Star level last season, but the 76ers traded him to the Los Angeles Clippers for a few mid-range players and future draft picks, yet their offense is somehow even. even better.

Philadelphia scored 117.0 points per 100 possessions last season, which ranked third in the league behind the Sacramento Kings (118.6) and Boston Celtics (117.3). But this season, only the Pacers (122.8) have a better offensive rating than the 76ers (121.5).

Tyrese Maxey has perfectly inherited the role that Harden left behind. He became a good partner and helped Embiid have many opportunities to score points. However, the Cameroonian striker also upgraded himself by averaging 5.9 assists per match – the best statistics of Embiid’s career to date.

The 76ers still play well when Embiid is on the bench, but they are truly unstoppable when he is on the court.

76ers with and without Joel Embiid (PBP Stats)
Minutes of competition Attack index
Joel Embiid on the field 819 124.0 points
Joel Embiid on the bench 482 119.7 points

And don’t forget, the 76ers are currently the second-best defensive team in the league with 110 points per game (behind the Timberwolves – 107.6 points per game). Embiid is also a monster on the backcourt.

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