Selena Gomez’s Pastel Purple Nails are Like Spring in a Manicure

Though she didn’t attend the 2024 Grammys, Selena Gomez still made sure to celebrate. After a night of Taylor Swift winning Album of the Year, Victoria Monét Best New Artist, and Miley Cyrus Record of the Year; Gomez went out to celebrate the wins of friends and peers at one of the many after parties that night. Of course, for the occasion, she had to step out with a new manicure.

Selena Gomez wearing red lipstick and bangs

On February 6, Gomez’s go-to manicurist, Tom Bachik, posted an up-close shot of the fresh set he gave the star for the night—a pastel purple fantasy.

Each of Gomez’s fingertips had the same medium-length, almond-shaped tips. On top of her classic, go-to shape, each had the same ultra-glossy cool-toned light purple hue—a little lighter than lavender, the shade was more in line with a lilac color, or the pastel purples you’d bring out over Easter.

Up close shot of Selena Gomez's pastel purple manicure and gold rings

Though we don’t have details on every aspect of the look she wore it with, we do know a floor-length dark red sequin dress was in the mix. That, and a few abstract gold rings stacked on a few fingers. She also wore the manicure to attend the premiere of her friend Nicola Peltz-Beckham’s directorial debut, Lola, just a day before the Grammys. At the premier, she wore a black pantsuit with a white corset top, and debuted full ‘60s bangs.

Gomez’s latest mani is the perfect way to ring in spring in a little early—exactly what Punxsutawney Phil suggested on Groundhog Day. As if that wasn’t reason enough to copy her look, we also found the exact shade Bachik used on the star.

Selena Gomez wearing a black suit and pastel purple manciure
Getty Images

To prep Gomez’s nails, he used his own nail kit collaboration with Tweezerman, the Tweezerman & Tom Bachik Nail Care Travel Set ($29). He first cut and filled Gomez’s nails to the desired length, then buffed them for an even nail bed. Though he didn’t call out this step, it would be best practice to apply your favorite base coat if you’re following along at home.

With her nails prepped, Bachik used Après’s new Strawberry Nail Palette ($50) and reached for the cool purple shade Promises for “a super fun vibe.” You can also use OPIs Do You Lilac It? ($12) or Chanel’s Immortelle ($32) if you don’t want to work with gel. With the color complete, seal it all in with an ultra-glossy top coat and, once dry, add a dollop of nail oil for health. Then, you’re ready to celebrate all spring.

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