Selena Gomez’s beauty has been eroded over the years due to emotional trauma and illness

On November 13, Selena Gomez went to watch a basketball match. According to observations, Justin Bieber’s ex-lover wore a black outfit and tied her hair up neatly. When the camera noticed, Selena continuously smiled and opened her mouth to show her surprise.

selena gomez, justin bieber, sao hollywood

selena gomez, justin bieber, sao hollywood

Selena Gomez went to watch a basketball match.

Although she still maintains her bright smile and great charisma, compared to before, Gomez is said to have changed quite a lot. Comparing photos from nearly 10 years ago with now, it’s easy to see that her face is now chubby and somewhat tense. Selena is also “cooler”, no longer as attractive as in the past.

selena gomez, justin bieber, sao hollywood

Justin Bieber’s ex-lover has changed quite a bit compared to nearly 10 years ago.

Over the past few years, Gomez has continuously faced illness. In addition to lupus erythematosus, she was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The shock of breaking up with Justin Bieber combined with physical pain seriously affected Selena’s health.

selena gomez, justin bieber, sao hollywood

Selena learned to live optimistically and love life even when faced with illness.

From a place of depression, Selena regained her spirit thanks to her own efforts and the encouragement of her family and friends. She happily accepts everything, opens her heart and is actively engaged in artistic activities. In the documentary “My Mind & Me”, Selena confided many things. She affirmed that ending her relationship with Justin Bieber was heartbreaking but was the best thing she ever did.

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