Selena Gomez wore a strapless dress that overwhelmed “Miss Wednesday” in Wednesday Film

The Golden Globe Awards red carpet gathered many famous faces. Besides the carefully designed outfits, many stars are disappointed by their confusing outfits. Among the beauties attending, Selena Gomez was considered by netizens to have the most impressive appearance.

In this event, one of the faces that netizens are eagerly waiting for is Jenna Ortega.



Famous from the hot hit movie Wednesday , she not only made a mark in her acting ability but also in her gothic fashion sense full of magic in the movie.


However, without the black designs and the hair and makeup containing a spooky, unusual look, this appearance of the actress disappointed netizens.

The pink cut out dress is from the Gucci brand, but compared to Jenna Ortega’s petite figure, the outfit doesn’t suit her.

Less than 12 hours after posting on her personal Instagram, the series of photos failed to impress the audience because the gothic outfits have made Jenna Ortega’s insurmountable brand.

Attending this event, Selena Gomez is considered one of the names that attracts the most attention.

The beauty invested heavily in her appearance when wearing a velvet dress from the fashion house Valentino.


With the advantage of a sexy bust, she is not afraid to reveal her collarbone and her full beauty thanks to the off-the-shoulder detail and deep slit in the cleavage.

With her confident appearance, the beauty overwhelms her junior Jenna Ortega and many other stars.

This event brings together many famous faces, but what makes the audience curious is that many of the outfits are confusing.


One of them was actress Severance Britt Lower wearing a pink and black dress, with the skirt flowing loose in front of the camera.

Source: Instagram Selena Gomez, Jenna Ortega, Eddie Redmayne, Severance Britt Lower, Fanpage Golden Global Aware.

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