Selena Gomez wore a cheesy lotus pink outfit, revealing her big belly

Recently, Selena Gomez became a topic of interest when she appeared in a striking lotus pink outfit. This is a series of photos of the female singer attending Saturday Night Live as a guest.

Selena Gomez, Saturday Night Live, Sao Hollywood

Selena Gomez stepped out of the SUV in a striking pink outfit

Selena Gomez, Saturday Night Live, Sao Hollywood

The female singer wore a pair of pink Valentino high heels that cost more than 1,000 USD (more than 23 million VND).

It can be seen that although the female singer has lost a lot of weight, she has not yet eliminated the amount of fat accumulated in the abdominal area. In particular, the loose shirt design also makes her waist look quite large.

Selena Gomez, Saturday Night Live, Sao Hollywood

Selena Gomez, Saturday Night Live, Sao Hollywood

Selena Gomez’s slim waist is clearly visible in front of the camera

About 1 – 2 years ago, Selena Gomez caused shock because she continuously appeared with a body like a balloon, “sometimes fat and sometimes deflated”. This year also took place many important events, so many people think that she is trying to lose weight to get a slim figure.

Selena Gomez, Saturday Night Live, Sao Hollywood

The female singer took photos with fans before recording the show

Selena Gomez was born in 1992 in Texas, USA. She first became known for her roles in Disney films before turning to becoming a singer. In the past, she and male singer Justin Bieber broke up and reunited many times before ending their relationship in 2018.

The love affair left both people devastated and had to seek help from psychologists. After the breakup, Justin Bieber publicly dated and then got married to model Hailey Baldwin. Meanwhile, Selena Gomez has not dated anyone for the past four years.

Selena Gomez, Saturday Night Live, Sao Hollywood

Selena also recently attracted attention when posting a video with impressive colorful hair.

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