Selena Gomez revealed the last album of her career

In an episode of the Smartless podcast, world-famous singer Selena Gomez caused a stir when she opened up about stopping singing in the near future. Specifically, the female singer said that her next studio album may be the last in her singing career: “I feel like that’s enough. Maybe I don’t need more music albums anymore.” “.


Selena Gomez said she has one more music album left.

The 31-year-old pop star confirmed that she has one more album to go and revealed that fatigue was the reason she was forced to limit her work. “I really feel like I have one more album, but I’ll probably choose acting,” Gomez said.

Selena Gomez said: “I wanted to be an actress. I never intended to become a full-time singer”.

Selena Gomez's Shocking Decision: Last Album Ever? The Truth Revealed - Hit  Channel

Also in the podcast, Selena Gomez said that switching back and forth between music and acting has taken a toll on her mental health.

Gomez began touring as a musician in her teens.

Selena Gomez’s share made fans extremely confused, because everyone knows that she is currently very successful in the singing field. Although her voice is not highly appreciated, Selena Gomez’s musical thinking is very good. The proof is that she has many hit songs, reaching No.1 on major music charts, including the Billboard Hot 100.

Although not a classically trained singer, Gomez has achieved enormous success as a performer. Her musical career began with her breakthrough role in the Disney Channel series “Wizards of Waverley Place”, which aired from 2007 to 2012.

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Gomez, one of the most followed people on Instagram with 429 million followers, has released six studio albums throughout her career, three with the band Selena Gomez and the Scene and three as a solo artist – the following three albums all debuted at No. 1 in the US.

In December, Gomez said on social media that she was preparing to release a new album – her first since Rare (2020) – within two months.

Regarding her acting career, Gomez once again appeared in the successful Disney+ series Only Murders in the Building.

Gomez became famous thanks to Disney’s hit series Wizards of Waverley Place.

Selena Gomez is also set to appear on the big screen, in the upcoming comedy-thriller Emilia Perez , co-starring Zoe Saldana and Edgar Ramirez and expected to be released this year.

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