Selena Gomez produces horror movies

This information was confirmed by STX Film on their Facebook: “Multi-talented Selena Gomez will participate in the psychological horror film Dollhouse as a producer”. Selena cooperates with STX under the name of her own company, July Moon Productions. The movie Dollhouse is compared to the famous 2010 movie Black Swan – the work that brought Natalie Portman the golden statue of Best Actress at the Oscars. The project’s director has not yet been confirmed.

Singer Selena Gomez.

Originally a singer, Selena Gomez is known as a young and cool producer in Hollywood. She participated in the series 13 Reasons Why and the documentary series about homeless people in the US – Living Undocumented. Her name also appears at the end of the animated film Hotel Transylvania 4.

Fan nào yếu tim mà xem phim kinh dị của Selena Gomez thì đảm bảo chỉ biết  khóc thét bỏ chạy! -

This summer, Selena self-produced the reality show Selena + Chef on HBO Max. In this program, the female singer shares her cooking skills and living habits during the days of social distancing due to Covid-19. In one episode of the show, Selena called FaceTime with her close friend Taylor Swift to show off the delicious food she made.

Muốn "thoát mác" công chúa Disney, Selena Gomez đang tìm đường đóng phim  kinh dị?

In July, Selena Gomez returned to social networks. She shared: “With everything that’s been going on since the beginning of the year, I feel a little tactless posting happy or celebratory things. It’s been really difficult for me. But I just wanted to say to Everyone knows that I will participate more, send more love and reveal to you some of my personal photos. Thank you for always being here and supporting me.” In August, Selena appeared sexy in the MV of Korean girl group Black Pink.

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