Selena Gomez continuously shed tears when talking about children and the Lupus disease she has

On September 20, Apple TV+ released the teaser trailer for Selena Gomez’s upcoming documentary titled “Selena Gomez: My Mind And Me”. The film explores Selena Gomez’s rise to top star status, as well as the personal crises she has endured during the past time.

In the trailer, netizens saw many emotions of the actress, sometimes bursting into laughter and then spontaneously bursting into tears. The star also shared the teaser on her Instagram with the words: “My Mind & Me. We sometimes don’t get along and find it hard to breathe… But I won’t change my life” . After watching the trailer, many netizens expressed concern about Selena’s health.

Selena Gomez, My Mind And Me, sao Hollywood

Selena Gomez, My Mind And Me, sao Hollywood

Selena Gomez sheds tears as she talks about children, Lupus and mental health in teaser for new documentary

Just released the opening trailer, “My Mind And Me” has attracted countless people to watch. Famous friends immediately spoke up in support of the actress.

Selena Gomez, My Mind And Me, sao Hollywood

“After years in the spotlight, the former Wizards of Waverly Place star has achieved incredible success. Right at the peak of her career, an unexpected turn happened to this 30-year-old female singer. This unique, intimate documentary casts her six-year journey into a new light,” a press release said last week.

Selena Gomez, My Mind And Me, sao Hollywood

Right at the peak of her career, an unexpected turn happened to her, making the singer/actress feel attacked.

Selena Gomez, My Mind And Me, sao Hollywood

In 2013, Gomez went through a public breakup with singer Justin Bieber. In 2014, the female singer checked into The Meadows rehabilitation center. Selena continues to advocate for mental health awareness, including through her Rare Impact Foundation. By 2017, Selena had undergone a kidney transplant as a result of Lupus.

“I don’t think I made the right decision, because I didn’t accept it,” the former Disney star recalled. After that, Selena continued to tour and record in the studio despite chronic pain and anxiety.

Selena Gomez, My Mind And Me, sao Hollywood

Before that, the female singer broke up with her boyfriend Justin Bieber, and had a special kidney transplant

The film, scheduled to premiere on November 4, is produced by director Alek Keshishian, who previously directed the 1991 music documentary “Madonna: Truth or Dare”.

A few days ago, Selena received a Grammy nomination for her first all-Spanish EP and an Emmy nomination for her role in the critically acclaimed series “Only Murders in the Building”, in There she starred with Steve Martin and Martin Short.

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