Selena Gomez appeared stylish wearing men’s boxer shorts after confirming her dating status on TikTok

Recently, Selena Gomez was seen full of personality in an oversized blazer combined with wide-leg pants cut just below the knee. She completed herself with a white corset, blue high heels and a striking handbag. What fans noticed was the light blue men’s boxer shorts inside, which made people extremely excited.

Selena Gomez, sao Hollywood, Selena Gomez xác nhận tình trạng hẹn hò

Selena Gomez appeared stylish when wearing men’s boxer shorts inside wide-leg pants

Selena Gomez, sao Hollywood, Selena Gomez xác nhận tình trạng hẹn hò

Previously, the Single Soon singer celebrated her recent solo songs as well as poked fun at her dating life in a TikTok video over the weekend. Selena Gomez lip-syncs to the lyrics: ”Guess who has a boyfriend? It’s not me, you guys stay safe out there.” This isn’t the first time Selena Gomez has celebrated her single status.

Selena Gomez, sao Hollywood, Selena Gomez xác nhận tình trạng hẹn hò

Earlier this month, the actress attended a soccer match and recorded a video of herself shouting, “I’m single. I just need to be loved a little, but I will love you a lot.” The soccer players weren’t surprised by Selena’s approach, but TikTok fans were amused by her bravery.

Selena Gomez, sao Hollywood, Selena Gomez xác nhận tình trạng hẹn hò

Selena also shared about the type of man she is looking for when she is ready: “You have to be cool. Not cool in the sense that people think you’re cool. You just need to be kind and like to make me laugh and also treat my family and the people around you well.” However, up to this point, the Who Says singer is still completely happy being single. .

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