Scientists have turned dead birds into drones

In 2021, a strange conspiracy theory emerged in America. Conspiracy theories promoted by Gen Z – the generation of people born from the mid-1990s to the early 2010s – claim that birds do not exist and that what we are seeing are actually drones used by the US government to monitor people. It went so viral that hundreds of supporters of the conspiracy theory protested outside Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco to demand the company change its bird logo. The person behind this conspiracy theory later said that it was just a spontaneous joke and did not think it would develop to such a level.

But now, scientists have turned this conspiracy theory into reality.

Các nhà khoa học đã biến những con chim chết thành máy bay không người lái - Ảnh 1.
In the near future, the birds flying in the sky may just be an airplane.

According to a study recently presented at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics’ Science and Technology Forum 2023, researchers incorporated dead birds into drones. This is a scientific project designed to help improve the way wildlife can be stalked and tracked in the future.

Instead of using artificial materials to make drones, researchers tried using some parts from dead birds and re-engineered them along with mechanical parts, including propeller to create thrust. As a result, they created a flying device that both looks and moves realistically like birds do when they are alive. They conducted test flights with two drones, one of which was designed like a pheasant.

Scientists Are Making Drones From Taxidermy Birds | Smart News| Smithsonian  Magazine

Of course, these drones that use bird carcasses aren’t just used to observe wildlife. Instead, they could also find military use, especially if engineers can make them blend in further with the environment using flapping-wing engines.

However, before looking at the negative side, on the positive side, this idea will bring many benefits to scientific research. Currently, monitoring wild animals is difficult, especially if they are animals that are still afraid of humans. Therefore, having drones identical to birds that can fly close to their targets unnoticed and without causing alarm could let scientists dig deeper into the unknown. about many animals.

Drones made from dead birds.

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As shown in the video published above, these drones look very much like real birds. The creators combined the bodies of pheasants and pigeons to make it work. Of course, further development is needed so that they can perform a more advanced range of movements, including the ability to land. Then they can park and track and don’t need to use too much battery.

If you’re already feeling a little creepy reading this, remember this isn’t the first time we’ve seen researchers revive dead animals in one way or another. Previously, researchers turned dead spiders into robots that could grab prey in a strange and quite creepy experiment.

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