Ronaldo’s girlfriend is pregnant again?

Georgina Rodriguez, Ronaldo’s girlfriend, is becoming the center of attention when the Spanish press claims that she is pregnant.
She just had a memorable vacation with Ronaldo and his small family. Notably, the fact that the children kissed her belly further increased the suspicion that CR7’s girlfriend had good news.
“Georgina is waiting for a baby”, or “Are the kids kissing her belly because she’s about to have a baby?”,… is what fans commented on her post. Even Marca newspaper questioned it. This.
The posting of a series of intimate photos also shows that the relationship between the beauty born in 1994 and Ronaldo is still strong.
Ronaldo has had a break recently, so he took the opportunity to take his small family on vacation with friends and relatives.
A quite emotional image between Ronaldo and the Argentinian-Spanish supermodel.
The couple spent a meaningful time after Ronaldo closed 2023 with the world’s number one scoring record (54 goals).
In 2016, Georgina fell in love with Ronaldo after meeting the famous player while she worked at a Gucci store in Madrid, Spain. The couple started dating and have been together ever since.
Ronaldo has 5 children, two of whom he shares with Georgina. CR7’s three remaining children came from a surrogate mother.
Having gone through many difficulties and turbulence, the couple is still considered a role model in the soccer world.

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