Revealing the super price of the house that Mbappe bought in Madrid


The French star will join Real Madrid at the end of this season after his contract at PSG expires. Mbappe wants to settle down, so he is looking to buy a house now.

Lydia Martinez is the CEO of real estate group Steps Recolation, which provides comprehensive accommodation services for the upper class. From an expert’s perspective, Lydia can evaluate the housing needs of a soccer star like Mbappe.


“There are two things that stars like Mbappe need in their homes: spaciousness and practice space. Therefore, the house that Mbappe is looking to buy certainly cannot be in the center of Madrid city. But it can’t be too far from the center. He is a young person and does not want to live in such an isolated place that he has to drive 45 minutes to a 5-star restaurant,” Martinez analyzed in Marca.

“In my experience, the upper class don’t care much about house prices. They often rent until they find the ideal house to buy. The price of a house that meets the requirements of a star like Mbappe usually ranges from 12 to 16 million euros. If they rent, they are willing to spend 25,000 to 35,000 euros per month. It usually takes them a year to find a ready-built house, or two and a half years if you include buying land and building a house.”


According to Martinez’s suggestion, the upscale La Moraleja area on the outskirts of Madrid meets Mbappe’s criteria. Many Real Madrid players also live in this area, including striker Vinicius.

As planned, Mbappe will debut at Real Madrid before leaving for EURO 2024 with the French national team. At the Spanish team, the French striker accepts a salary of 15 to 20 million euros per year, much lower than at PSG (32 million euros).

If it is as predicted by Martinez, Mbappe will spend a year of salary at Real Madrid to buy a satisfactory house. However, spending 15 million euros to buy a house is nothing compared to the French star’s estimated assets of 150 million euros.

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