Rare birds overcome high-level puzzle challenges

Loài chim quý hiếm vượt qua thử thách giải đố cấp độ cao - 1
Hornbill overcomes high-level puzzle challenges (Photo: National University of Singapore).

When talking about intelligence in birds, we immediately think of crows and parrots, as they possess abilities that can surprise viewers. However, hornbills may also belong to a group of highly intelligent, but overlooked, birds.

A new study confirms that the Eastern hornbill ( Anthracoceros albirostris ) is one of the few species that possesses Advanced Understanding.

This is a skill that helps animals understand some basic things even when they cannot see them directly. For example, in hornbills, their extensive knowledge can help them assign mates to bring food to their young birds.

Additionally, it may provide enormous adaptive advantages in activities such as foraging and avoiding predation.

To better understand the hornbill’s intelligence, researchers from the National University of Singapore subjected it to a series of high-level puzzle challenges.

These challenges have increasing difficulty, to test the animal’s ability to perceive the existence of objects.

In stage 5, the hornbills had to observe a reward placed underneath a cup. Then the reward is transferred to another cup.

By pointing out the cup containing the reward, the birds demonstrated an understanding of tangible displacement. All six hornbills passed this challenge. 3 of them even made it past stage 6.

At this stage, the bird does not see the reward being moved from one cup to another. Instead, the treat is hidden underneath a small red box, and then transferred underneath a larger cup.

Loài chim quý hiếm vượt qua thử thách giải đố cấp độ cao - 2
Hornbills are famous for their fidelity, almost never changing partners (Photo: Getty).

When the red box was removed from under the cup and shown to be empty, the hornbill realized that the reward must have been left under the last cup, although they did not directly see this. that happens.

This may sound simple to humans, but in animals, understanding invisible movement is a real challenge, as it requires a more complex level of cognition.

It also involves integrating many different cognitive skills, including memory, spatial reasoning, and logical reasoning.

Thus, the Eastern hornbill is the first bird outside the crow and parrot families to overcome this challenge. Their level of cognition can even be equivalent to that of some higher primates, such as gibbons.

Hornbills mainly live in the forests of India, Southeast Asia and southern China. However, due to illegal trade, this species is currently at risk of extinction.

In good living conditions and without threat, few birds have a lifespan as great as the hornbill, when they can live up to 50 years.

Niệc cổ hung - loài chim nguy cấp bậc nhất Việt Nam - KhoaHoc.tv

The hornbill is a bird with a warm heart and is very loyal. They will not change partners throughout their lives and are very devoted and devoted to their families, working together to raise their chicks.

This bird has a great belief in love. From the first day until death, they live very happily in love and never betray.

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