Portuguese coach reveals why Ronaldo will retire, will he play until he is 40 years old?

Talking about Ronaldo, strategist Roberto Martinez said that this superstar will only retire when his body can no longer meet the requirements on the field.

Even though Ronaldo is 38 years old, he still shows admirable endurance on the field. In 2023 alone, the Portuguese superstar has scored 53 goals, an achievement that surpasses even strikers playing in Europe.

Previously, Ronaldo said he would play professionally until he was 40 years old if he did not suffer a serious injury. Professional training spirit helps CR7 always be in the best shape every time he plays and has not shown when it will be time for him to say goodbye to football.


Coach Martinez admires his 38-year-old student

In coach Roberto Martinez’s recent speech about his student at the Portuguese team, he revealed the only reason why Ronaldo retired:

“Cristiano will only end his career when his body can no longer meet expectations on the field. At the present time, Ronaldo still wants to play top football. There is no player who is 38 years old and still plays 2 international matches in just 3 days.”

HLV Bồ Đào Nha tiết lộ điều khiến tất cả 'phát cuồng' về Ronaldo

“What surprises me with Ronaldo is that he always works hard and shows excitement when he goes to practice. He expected to win every workout and every race that I gave him. Ronaldo is also always the last to leave the practice field.” Coach Martinez talked to The Times.

Indeed, fans still do not see the limits of the superstar born in 1985. Ronaldo continuously proves that he can play at the top level for a few more years with beautiful goals in the Al-Nassr shirt, regardless of his ability. Age tolerance is no longer supported.

Thuyền trưởng" Bồ Đào Nha tiết lộ lý do để Ronaldo ngồi dự bị

In 2024, the Portuguese captain will join “Seleccao” to attend Euro 2024 in Germany and aim for the 2026 World Cup finals. Ronaldo will continue to raise the record of 205 appearances for the national team with 128 goals. win. This will be a very difficult milestone to break for any player in the future.

HLV Bồ Đào Nha giải thích lý do sử dụng Ronaldo - Bóng đá Anh

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