[PHOTOS] TOP 25 rare and beautiful bird species part 1

Photographer Tim Flach has three goldfish and two Burmese cats. Flach is known for his dramatic portraits. The photographer has captured both wild and domesticated animals, but whether he sets them against a plains backdrop or encounters them in their natural habitat, Flach always manages to accentuate their appearance. their uniqueness.

According to Bored Panda, we share his bird photos, but if you want to learn more about his amazing work, check out his books Endangered and More Than Human Flach.

1. Himalayan Monal is the national bird of Nepal.


As you can imagine, working with so many models requires not only artistry but also organizational skills. Flach spends quite a bit of time on his photo shoots. “It really depends on the type of project I’m doing,” he told Bored Panda.

“When I do my own personal projects, I often follow a concept or an idea. And that animal represents that,” the photographer said.

“Then the next question is, how do I approach those animals? Well, of course, I have to calculate each specific case. For example, if I want to approach an at-risk Saiga extinct can only be found in some National Parks near the Caspian Sea in Russia, of course, I had to ask my friend in Moscow to organize something with the national park to get permission and get a visa “.

2. Green Tit


Researchers found that Britons put twice as much food on birds as their European neighbors, which they believe contributes to some bird species developing longer beaks.

3. Inca Tern


To me, this is the Salvador Dali of the bird world. When it comes to the length of the Peruvian Inca tern’s mustache, the longer it is, the healthier it is. A longer mustache indicates a stronger immune system and is therefore a more attractive proposition for courtship.

Tim’s photo shoots are very diverse. “One thing I think as a photographer is that although you may have approaches to solving certain problems, when it comes to animals, each species can have different situations , whether it’s diving with hammerhead sharks or tracking bears in the Arctic, or penguins like I did in Antarctica last Christmas. That’s a little different from my models in the studio “.

The majority of the animals Flach photographed were untrained, including birds. “With one bird book I can have over 100 birds, and yes, the parrots for the shows, of course, they are quite well trained but for the most part the animals of There I was, literally sitting behind a hideout with an 800mm lens, waiting for something to turn my way.

4. Gouldian Finch


To me, the Gouldian finches from Australia are among the most colorful of all the finches. I’m lucky to have a model on the day that allows me to get close, sometimes too close.

Of course, in the studio, the process is completely different. The photographer had a special aviary that made it impossible for the animal to see him. There’s even a turntable. “Usually, the birds happily perch on it and it flies in circles, so I can get the exact angle I want. The chance I can control and the degree of control possible very different”.

5. Polish chicken with silver border


6. Northern Cardinals


Northern cardinals are expert singers, with individuals able to produce more than a dozen song variations. This particular cardinal has a bit of a laissez-faire attitude, as if he could fly straight out of Angry Birds.

7. Major Mitchell


The beautiful crest on the head of cockatoos is one of the things that sets them apart from other parrots. However, they have the same lifespan as many members of the parrot family, and have a lifespan very similar to that of humans.

8. Philippine Eagle


I spent days traveling through the mountain ranges of the Philippine islands looking for this eagle, and I finally photographed it at a rescue sanctuary. The Philippine Eagle has one of the largest wingspans of any eagle, at 2 meters, and is found only on the islands of the Philippines, where it is the national bird. IUCN: Critically Endangered.

9. Jacobin pigeon


Jacobins are one of the oldest breeds of domestic pigeons in the world, originating from India. Their arrival in Europe during the 16th century is what prompted their evolution into the fashionable exhibition birds we see today.

10. Longtail Broadbill


This long-tailed broad-billed bird can be found from the Himalayas to Southeast Asia. He reminds me of a fighter pilot – but many of you seem to think he looks like Elvis – with his black helmet-like hat and shiny blue patch on their crown.

11. Black Jacobin pigeon


Jacobin received its European name because the feather hood resembled the clothes of Jacobin monks. To others, it resembles a lady in feathers.

12. Victoria Crowned Pigeon


The Victoria-crowned pigeon is considered the largest of all living pigeon species, and can be found on mainland New Guinea. The only larger member of the pigeon family is the Dodo.


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