Peru has become the country with the most diverse bird species in the world

In the past year, Peru has identified 19 new bird species in the Amazon region, bordering Brazil and Bolivia. Previously, in the latest list of bird species published in November 2023, Peru had 1,860 bird species, behind Colombia with 1,869 species but surpassing Brazil with 1,859 species.

Có thể là hình ảnh về 1 người, chim hồng hoàng, chim kền kền và văn bản cho biết 'Teru Peru, world leader in bird diversity 1879 SPECIES'

President of the Peruvian Ornithologists’ Association, Mr. Fernando Angulo, said: “Fourteen new species have been discovered by the association and another five new species have been announced by the Peruvian Ornithological Records Committee. So, Peru has 1,879 bird species and Colombia 1,869 species. The gap between the two countries is very close.”

Peru trở thành quốc gia số loài chim đa dạng nhất thế giới- Ảnh 1.

Peru is home to 20% of all bird species in the world, including endemic species. Therefore, many tourists often come to Peru to see the beauty of birds. In 2013, a record number of tourists, 20,000 people, came to Peru to enjoy this hobby. In 2021, Peru is the champion in the global bird watching tournament organized by Cornell University (USA).

Peru claims global record for bird diversity - video Dailymotion

Mr. David Belmonte, a member of the Peruvian birding club, said: “Diversity of birds is more important than quantity. In Peru, you can see many different types of seagulls on the coast.” Pacific Ocean. Many antbirds in the Amazon, churretes and tijerales on Peru’s highest peaks. The diversity of birds is what sets Peru apart.”

Currently, records of 19 newly discovered bird species in Peru have been submitted to the South American Bird Committee (SACC) for review and approval. If recognized, Peru will become the country with the most diverse bird species in the world.

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