Only 30 years old, but Selena Gomez seems to have lived her whole life with tragedies

Only 30 years old, but singer Selena Gomez has experienced many tragedies, big and small, in her life. In the recently released documentary – “Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me”, she shares all the hidden corners. , the tragedies I have gone through in my life honestly, frankly, and without hiding them.

All Selena wants to create from this emotional and low-key documentary is that she can help someone who is in a crisis period of life. So at 30 years old, what big stories has Selena experienced so that she can confidently make a documentary revolving around her career and personal life?

Selena Gomez cannot give birth on her own because she uses too many psychological medications

Selena Gomez gives birth in scene for In Dubious Battle | Daily Mail Online

The psychological medications that Selena regularly uses cause many dangerous side effects for the fetus if she becomes pregnant, including the possibility of congenital defects affecting the nervous system and cardiovascular system. of the child and the child is also at risk of developmental delay…

“It is a very important and very real thing in my life. I have to accept it, however, I hope that eventually I will be able to have my own children, I will try my best so that it can become a reality,” the 30-year-old female singer said.

Selena knows that she will not be able to have it all at the same time, including stable mental health and motherhood in a normal way like many other women.

Selena knows that regular psychological treatment is very necessary for her, because without regular treatment to stabilize her psychology, Selena easily falls into imbalance in her life, she has periods of depression. collapsed, had severe psychological disorders and had foolish thoughts.

After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and receiving a combination of medication and psychotherapy, Selena said she felt much more stable and balanced in work and life. living. However, Selena also understands that she needs to maintain long-term and persistent treatment to truly overcome the psychological problems she encounters.

You will have to live with bipolar disorder your whole life

Mới 30 tuổi, nhưng Selena Gomez như đã sống cả một đời với những bi kịch - 2
Selena knows that regular psychological treatment is essential for her (Photo: Page Six).

Bipolar disorder causes Selena to experience unusual joys and sorrows in her emotions. This emotional turmoil can last for several weeks, even months, causing her to have many difficulties in work and life.

Selena herself does not know what is the real cause of this psychological syndrome, but there were times when Selena could not sleep for many days in a row.

Mental health issues are something Selena shares very frankly and thoroughly in the documentary. Until now, Selena has not hesitated to share about this topic in interviews: “I used to think this world would be better without me, that was when I had a foolish idea.” , but I haven’t really done anything to harm myself.”

As soon as she realized her serious psychological instability, Selena quickly sought psychotherapy: “I will always be open with everyone about this issue. I started to feel like my life became worse. dark when I turned 20, at this time, I began to not be able to control my emotions, both happy and sad, both in good times and in difficult times, I could not control my psychology. “.

Mới 30 tuổi, nhưng Selena Gomez như đã sống cả một đời với những bi kịch - 3
Mental health issues are something that Selena shares very frankly and thoroughly in the documentary (Photo: Page Six).

There are moments of excitement, Selena wants to buy gifts for everyone, but there are moments of depression, she cannot step out of the bedroom and just wants to lie in the house, feeling depressed and wanting to commit suicide. isolate yourself.

“At my worst, I couldn’t get out of bed. I just lay there and didn’t want to talk to anyone. My friends would come visit me, bring food, and advise me what to do. I eat and drink, they love me, but neither they nor I understand what’s going on. There were times, for several weeks, when I just lay there like that, just walking up the stairs made me out of breath.” Selena recalls.

Having faced life and death and had to undergo kidney transplant surgery

Selena had to undergo kidney transplant surgery after lupus caused serious consequences for her health. A close friend of Gomez – actress Francia Raisa – volunteered to donate one of her kidneys.

Just a few hours after receiving a kidney transplant in September 2017, Selena had an accident and had to have emergency surgery. The dangerous situation was promptly controlled after a blood vessel suddenly burst. That incident was very dangerous and could have taken Selena’s life.

After returning to health after a kidney transplant, Selena has a new, more positive outlook on life, because facing life and death, she knows how to appreciate the preciousness of life even more.

We must accept that there are things that no matter how much we want, we cannot achieve

The singer believes that there are many reasons for the psychological problems she encounters, including work problems, physical health problems (Selena has lupus and had to have a kidney transplant), and her frustration. about yourself when you fail to achieve some goals in life.

“I thought I would get married at the age of 25, but then reality showed me that I was no closer to that goal, if not that goal was still very far away. . Looking back, I feel stupid, but there was a time when I felt like my whole world was turned upside down and broken because the things I set out to do were not achieved.”

Mới 30 tuổi, nhưng Selena Gomez như đã sống cả một đời với những bi kịch - 4
Selena started hearing voices in her head since 2018 (Photo: Page Six).

Selena herself always felt alone and had difficulty integrating with groups of friends. In a group of friends consisting of non-famous people, she feels that she is always seen by her friends as having a lucky life, so the problems she encounters are not taken seriously and considered real by her friends. … serious.

In a group of friends full of famous people, Selena felt like an outsider and couldn’t share many deep, secret things with them: “I could never fit in with a group of girls. famous in showbiz. My only friend in showbiz is Taylor Swift.

I always feel lost among them, I always feel that they live fully, wholeheartedly, filled with happiness, full of energy. I also have my career and I should be as happy as they are, but I don’t feel the same way as them. There were times when I didn’t like myself and I didn’t even know what kind of person I really was.

Selena started hearing voices in her head since 2018, after which she began to suffer from psychological disorders and had to seek therapy. She doesn’t remember much about this period of severe disorder, but she knows she had to be hospitalized for psychological treatment because she experienced delusions and hallucinations that lasted for several months.

In the early stages, having to try many drugs to see which one was suitable and effective, Selena felt like she had lost herself: “I simply suddenly disappeared within myself, no longer. What part of me that is truly me remains in myself?

However, after searching for treatment methods, Selena found a treatment method that was right for her, combining psychotherapy and some medications that suited her.

Mới 30 tuổi, nhưng Selena Gomez như đã sống cả một đời với những bi kịch - 5
It took Selena some time to accept that she had bipolar disorder and that she would have to undergo therapy for the rest of her life (Photo: Page Six).

After trying many psychological medications, Selena had to go through a “detoxification” period. She even had to relearn how to speak fluently and pronounce correctly because of the side effects. what the drugs did to her nervous system. There were times when she was speaking, she suddenly forgot everything she was saying and didn’t know what to say anymore.

It took Selena some time to accept that she has bipolar disorder and that throughout her life, she will have to learn how to face and treat mental illness because this syndrome will not completely disappear from her life. her life. As long as she neglects treatment and takes care of her mental health, the disease can flare up at any time.

The documentary explores the life of Selena Gomez over the past 6 years. There were moments when the director of the documentary – Mr. Alek Keshishian (58 years old) – felt very hesitant to record Selena’s private moments, when she broke down and burst into tears because of her personal feelings. .

But every time director Alek Keshishian expressed hesitation in recording that moment of collapse, Selena insisted that she wanted the director to feel free to record it all so she could make an authentic documentary. best.

At first, Selena also found it difficult to make the final decision whether to release this documentary or not, but after doing a test screening, she was able to see and listen to her emotions. With the thoughts and feelings of the audience, she confidently decided to release this documentary.

“I think like this, if this movie is meaningful to just one person, I’m ready for the movie to be released, but the movie could be meaningful to many people, come to think of it And I don’t hesitate anymore, let’s bring the movie to the public”, Selena concluded.

Mới 30 tuổi, nhưng Selena Gomez như đã sống cả một đời với những bi kịch - 1
Selena knows that she won’t be able to have it all at the same time (Photo: Page Six).

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