One of the most familiar sounds in our night forests is the haunting call of the ruru, or morepork

One of the most familiar sounds in our night forests is the haunting call of the ruru, or morepork

Peek-a-boo - Ruru (Morepork Owl) at Karori Sanctuary | Flickr

The morepork is a silent hunter. Its soft wing feathers make no sound as it swoops down on its prey.

Ruru native NZ morepork feeding on a small bird - YouTube

Its head turns almost in a complete circle, and with keen hearing and big yellow eyes, it can detect even the slightest movement.


MOREPORK EXPERIENCE - Wairua Lodge-Rainforest River Retreat

Team leader of Animal Experiences, Lizzie introduces us to Rhu one of the ruru that call Auckland Zoo home.

Ruru | Morepork | New Zealand Birds Online

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