New bird species discovered in 2023. Many previously unknown bird species were discovered by scientists in many parts of the world

In 2015, many previously unknown bird species were discovered by scientists in many parts of the world. Sci-News page introduces some new typical bird species.

Sichuan Bush Warbler - eBird

"Bird Sichuan bush warbler (Locustella chengi) – Photo: Sci-News
Sichuan bush warbler : Scientific name Locustella chengi. Belongs to Locustellidae, a family of insectivorous birds. It is a relatively small bird with an average length of 13 cm and weight of 10 gr. The wing length is 5.5 cm, the tail is 5.7 cm long and lives hidden in dense tea gardens.
Great horned owl on a flowering saguaro cactus | Owl, Horned owl, Cactus  flower
This species is endemic to China, habitat in Shaanxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Hubei and northwestern Hunan.
Desert owl : Strix hadorami is the name of this species of owl, discovered in the Middle East. It is 30 – 33 cm long and weighs 140 – 220 gr.
Desert Owl Royalty-Free Images, Stock Photos & Pictures | Shutterstock This bird lives in the eastern desert of Egypt, from Wadi Rabbit, near the border with Sudan, north to Mons Porphyrites, northwest of the port of Hurghada, as well as the Sinai desert, it is also present in the central and southern regions. northern Saudi Arabia, seemingly throughout Yemen, and east to southwestern Oman Dhofar.
Australia Used to be a Haven for Giant Penguins | Science| Smithsonian  Magazine
Little Blue (Fairy) Penguin in Australia : It is only about 30 cm tall and weighs an average of 1.15 kg. This species is widely distributed in Australia – from Western Australia along the south coast of Australia up to New South Wales.
Little Blue (Fairy) Penguin | Online Learning Center | Aquarium of the  Pacific
Cape parrot, South Africa: Scientific name Poicephalus Robustu. Identified as an endemic species in South Africa.
Cape parrot, South Africa | Parrot pet, Parrot, Pet birds
South Africa's Bird of The Year Announced For 2023!

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