NBA transfer: Terry Rozier arrives at the Miami Heat, bringing more firepower to the Eastern champions

In every NBA transfer window there will always be sellers and buyers. Besides the teams that are “in the market” to improve the quality of their squad, such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State…, there will be “small businesses” like the Charlotte Hornets.

The first deal has just been activated by the “bees”, shaking hands with the Eastern champion Miami Heat to exchange two player packages revolving around Terry Rozier and Kyle Lowry.

According to reputable journalist Adrian Wojnarowski, the details of the deal are as follows:

– Miami Heat received: Terry Rozier, first round pick in 2027

– Charlotte Hornets received: Kyle Lowry

Terry Rozier will part ways with the Charlotte Hornets and teammate LaMelo Ball and join the Miami Heat in the latest exchange deal.

Terry Rozier is a former Boston Celtics defender, currently setting a career-high in points scored and assists this season with 23.2 PPG – 6.6 APG for the Charlotte Hornets.

Recently, Rozier “accidentally” came into the light thanks to LaMelo Ball’s ankle injury and had to take a long-term break from competition. From here, Terry Rozier seized the opportunity and showed the best performance of his entire career.

Now he will be transferred to a club with ambitions of competing for the championship, playing alongside Miami Heat defenders like Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro.

9 years of experience playing in the NBA will partly help Rozier integrate better, adding a bit of “firepower” to the team on the southeastern coast of the United States.

Since the beginning of this season, Miami Heat has not hidden its goal of finding a change in the defender position. They pursued Damian Lillard early on but were unable to reach an agreement with the Portland Trail Blazers, leading to continued trust in Kyle Lowry.

However, PG, born in 1986, has moved to the other side of his career, is often injured and cannot guarantee his performance every time he competes. Now the Heat will replace Lowry with a defender who is both younger (29 years old) and in the prime of his career.

Lowry’s performance has plummeted in the last two seasons, a far cry from the image of winning the NBA championship four years ago with the Toronto Raptors.

In the opposite direction, Kyle Lowry will land at the Charlotte Hornets and temporarily be named on the “bees” roster. It’s called temporary because many experts believe that Lowry will not stick with Charlotte long term.

Reputable journalist Wojnarowski said that the team will find a plan to exchange Kyle Lowry to continue finding more picks, extending the process of rebuilding the squad.

If they cannot find the desired partner, the Charlotte Hornets will consider liquidating the contract (buyout) with Lowry, sending him to the free player market.

Kyle Lowry will attract great interest if he becomes a free agent

Kyle Lowry is about to turn 38 and is going through one of the worst seasons of his career.

No longer maintaining the form of PG who was a 6-time All-Star and won the NBA championship with the Raptors in 2019, Lowry is currently averaging 8.2 points in 28 minutes of play per game for the Miami Heat this season.

It is unclear whether K-Low has a desired destination or not, only knowing that if he becomes a free player, he will definitely be sought after by many big players.

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