NBA power rankings before entering 2024: Teams goals in the new year PART 3

20. Nets

Achievement : 15-17

2024 goal : Change the starting lineup

The Nets’ starting lineup of Spencer Dinwiddie, Cam Thomas, Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson and Nic Claxton is not very good. Head coach Jacque Vaughn complained about the team’s poor defense and hinted at changes in the near future.

Ben Simmons’ absence from the lineup further complicates matters, but Thomas hasn’t been good enough and may be better suited as a scorer off the bench.

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21. Bulls

Achievement : 15-19

2024 goal : Find a way to trade Zach LaVine

The Bulls have been on fire since LaVine was left out of the lineup. It was a remarkable turnaround for a team that started with a 5-14 record.

It’s too simple to blame LaVine, but it’s clear that LaVine is no longer suitable for the Bulls. The best thing for both of you is to separate. The Bulls can wait patiently until January 15, when new players signed at the beginning of the season like Rui Hachimura are eligible for exchange.

22. Hawks

Achievement : 12-19

2024 goal : Play defense

Head coach Quin Snyder has improved the Hawks’ offense slightly this season. They played fast and reached the top 5 scoring points of the tournament. But the defense is still a painful problem, which is also the reason why the Hawks cannot become the top team in the East.

The Hawks shouldn’t have been that bad on defense. Trae Young has always been a big problem, but he’s trying harder this season. Their big men, Onyeka Okongwu and Clint Capela, are both good defenders. And Dejounte Murray has been named to the NBA’s All-Defensive team before.

The Hawks’ biggest problem is the players’ effort. Their ability to rebound and organize counter-attacks is too bad, the players are not too fiery when competing with opponents.

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23. Grizzlies

Achievement : 10-21

2024 goal : Don’t look back

Since Ja Morant returned, Memphis is returning to the image of a candidate competing for the Play-In spot. The key to completing that unbelievable comeback is to not think about the losses you have experienced. Focus on looking ahead and doing your best.

It won’t be easy but the Grizzlies have done well so far – they haven’t accepted reality and are working hard to improve their position.

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24. Raptors

Achievement : 12-20

2024 goal : Focus only on the future.

Scottie Barnes has taken a huge leap in his third NBA season. Despite Toronto’s erratic performance, Barnes deserves to be an All-Star, and become the face of the team going forward.

And now it’s time for the Raptors to prepare for that future, where Barnes is their No. 1 star. Create a suitable lineup and play around Barnes, push out veterans whose contracts are ending and bring in high picks in future NBA Drafts. Every decision from here on out must be Barnes-centric.

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25. Jazz

Achievement : 14-19

2024 goal : Make a transfer before it’s too late.

It’s no secret, the Utah Jazz are rebuilding. After the 2022/23 season exceeding expectations, the Jazz have declined but there are still bright spots, which is Lauri Markkanen. The Jazz need to be decisive, move their stars and bring in young players and high picks in the NBA Draft before interest from other teams wanes.

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26. Trail Blazers

Record : 9-22

2024 goal : Return Scoot Henderson to the starting lineup.

Scoot Henderson is not ready to be a starting player. It took Henderson a while to adjust to the NBA, but progress is becoming apparent.

Portland should not rush to return Henderson to the starting lineup, but they need to create conditions for him to return. Henderson needs to compete at the highest level, to get acquainted, gain experience and prepare for a bigger future. Especially when the Blazers plan to build a team around him.

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27. Hornets

Achievement : 7-23

2024 goal : Do everything for LaMelo Ball

In fact, the Hornets can only succeed when LaMelo Ball is healthy and on the field. That’s common with teams’ No. 1 stars, but the problem with the Hornets is that they’re too dependent on Ball. They have some valuable young players but not enough. The club needs to have a better backup plan, and be ready in case Ball is injured.

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28. Wizards

Achievement : 6-25

2024 goal : Developing Bilal Coulibaly

There haven’t been many bright spots for the Wizards this season, but selecting Coulibaly with the 7th pick in the 2023 NBA Draft was a bold choice at the time, but accurate, at least for now.

Coulibaly is a good defender, although still limited in his ability to throw the ball. He is one of the most promising players in this year’s crop of players, and the Wizards need to create more opportunities for Coulibaly to develop and improve himself.

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29. Spurs

Achievement : 5-25

2024 goal : For Tre Jones to play more with Wemby.

The San Antonio Spurs recently moved Victor Wembanyama to play center, but instead of putting Tre Jones in the starting lineup, Gregg Popovich chose Malaki Branham. There’s no pressure on Spurs to win right now, but they’re really competitive in the minutes Wembanyama plays with Jones, the team’s only traditional ball-playing defender.

For Wembanyama’s sake, Spurs need to give Jones more playing time. Spurs teammates missed many moments when Wembanyama chose a favorable position.

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30. Pistons

Achievement : 3-29

2024 goal : Win

Top Moments: Pistons shock NBA world, win championship in 2004 |

All the Pistons need to do is try to win, as much as they can. They are definitely the worst team in the NBA this season, and in league history.

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