NBA Basketball Star – 6,9ft tall center spreads fire to street children

Gorgui Dieng giao lưu với các em nhỏ của hội trại Jr.NBA Việt Nam 2016

Gorgui Dieng is a basketball player ranked 21st by the Utah Jazz. He participated in the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge 2015 for rising stars during NBA All-Star Weekend 2015; named to the 2014 NBA All-Rookie Second Team; became the 15th player in Wolves history to score 20-point/20-rebound on March 20 in Houston (22 pts/21 rebounds) and the fourth rookie in NBA history in 20 years to achieve the feat. there.

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During his visit to Vietnam, Gorgui Dieng will participate in the National Training Camp within the framework of the basketball program to develop young talents – Jr.NBA Vietnam 2016 of the American Professional Basketball Association (NBA). Dieng will help coach the youth to find the Jr. team. NBA Vietnam All-Stars this year.

During his time in Ho Chi Minh City, Gorgui Dieng came to interact with the Sunshine School Shelter, which raises street children and children in difficult circumstances from 5 to 16 years old, instilling passion in the children. about sportsmanship, team spirit and overcoming difficulties.

Gorgui Dieng said that basketball is not only his passion but also the path that leads him to overcome a difficult life and achieve glory.


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