Mules shoes suddenly became popular during the holiday season because of “the ungrateful girl” Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez brings classic beauty in a luxurious black velvet dress and mules at the 2022 Hitmakers Brunch, Variety event in Los Angeles – USA.

The brown-haired beauty chose an all-black outfit, wearing a Toteme dress. The stunning midi is finished with a high neckline and ruched skirt.

Gomez stood out from the crowd in a sleeveless black velvet dress that she paired with black mules with luxurious patent leather.

“The ungrateful” is the nickname fans sent to Selena Gomez after she answered in an interview that she only had one friend in the industry, Taylor Swift, refusing to mention her close friend in the industry. donated his kidney.

Moving from love, fans angrily blamed and Selena’s following decreased. Selena was considered an ungrateful, bad person and that caused her a lot of trouble because of her indifference.


Selena’s mules were worn at the year-end party by the brand By Far – a Bulgarian fashion accessory specialist. The shoes cost more than 10 million VND. By Far has a classic aesthetic characterized by high-heeled mules.

Mules have been a trend of Spring Summer 2022 fashion, shown through the street style of It girls and fashionistas. These shoes are confirmed to be a great source of inspiration when going down the street. But through the Fall and Winter season, it was “quietly” put in the closet and suddenly revived strongly when everyone entered the holiday season at the end of 2022, making even Selena Gomez unable to deny its appeal. .

French girl Gabrielle Caunesil revealed a very seductive trend: The sequined mini dress is very popular in the last days of the year with the ultimate heeled mules.
No longer styled to reveal the foot, the mules of the 2022 holiday season are styled as a pair of sophisticated closed-toe and open-heel shoes.
And leather material and black tone are still the most popular mules shoe style at the end of 2022.

Heeled mules meet the legitimate needs of women searching for a pair of shoes: Minimalist enough to wear day or night and upgrade any outfit, comfortable with a thick heel and over-the-top look. time as they can be worn in summer as well as winter.

Mules come in both flat heels and stiletto heels. The trend at the end of 2022 is mules with elegant heels to help people walk more gracefully.
With the same green tone for both her outfit and closed-toe mules, this girl caught the trend quite quickly on the streets of Paris.

Why are mules so loved? Simply put, they are an extremely versatile and popular shoe trend. The style trend of mules can characterize the wearer’s clothing by color, heel shape, structure, design… all have value to express our identity and style. Moreover, wearing mules makes your feet feel comfortable but still flatters your figure, suitable for both working days and evenings at festivals when you change outfits with sequined dresses.

According to: Vogue, fashionista

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