Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and other stars show off their childhood photos


In early October, Miley Cyrus’s fan page reposted a photo of the singer glaring at the camera when she was just a little girl about 5 years old. On social networks, many comments commented that Liam’s ex-lover was very beautiful, lovely, and had a sharp face since childhood. She is also favored with the nickname of the princess with the most outstanding appearance in the Disney family.


Miley Cyrus has blue eyes and naturally thick and wavy hair. The dynamic and vivacious personality of the Slide Away singer was also soon revealed when she appeared with her famous father in many television shows since she was a bewildered child.


Recently, on her Instagram account, Selena Gomez posted a lovely photo of her childhood. According to Daily Mail, the photo was taken when the former Disney star was about 6 years old. At that time, Gomez was a little girl with a lovely smile despite her missing teeth, round brown eyes and long, flowing hair. In just over 6 hours, the photo received over 6 million likes.


The Back to You singer has clear, attractive facial features from a young age, inherited from her mother. Selena Gomez has never been entangled in plastic surgery rumors because she became famous very early and her appearance has not changed much over the years.


On October 10, Justin Bieber made fans laugh with a series of moments when his face was still “milky”. Many photos of singer Baby at school and participating in sports activities received great likes.


The male singer also said that he soon bleached his hair platinum and prided himself on being more stylish than his friends. As a child, Bieber actively participated in school sports activities. He especially loves soccer, was a member of the soccer club in elementary school.


On Father’s Day (June 21), Hailey Bieber posted some happy moments with her father. However, what interests the audience is the 23-year-old model’s boyish appearance when she was young. Except for her eyes with curled eyelashes, her short hair and her way of dressing when she was still held in her arms, Hailey was no different from a little boy.


A little older, Hailey Bieber’s mother let her wear pretty, feminine princess dresses and let her hair grow longer. The newlywed wife of a Canadian singer was praised for “successful puberty” because her appearance changed significantly as she matured.

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