Mbappe's younger brother debuted for the PSG first team, alongside his older brother, at the age of 16

Em trai Mbappe gia hạn hợp đồng với PSG

This morning, PSG had a gentle 3-1 victory over Metz at home at Parc des Princes to consolidate the top spot in Ligue 1. On his 25th birthday (December 20), Kylian Mbappe dazzled with a double, At the same time, he witnessed another “Mbappe” make his official debut, his younger brother, Ethan.

Ethan Mbappe made his PSG first team debut at the age of 16

In the first minute of injury time of the match, Ethan Mbappe was brought on by coach Luis Enrique to replace Manuel Ugarte. Although the number of minutes he appears can be counted on the fingers of one hand, Mbappe’s younger brother also debuted at the age of 16, and at the same time was able to stand side by side with his famous brother.

Real Madrid săn đón em trai Mbappe - Báo Quảng Ninh điện tử

When Kylian Mbappe joined PSG in the summer of 2017, Ethan also left local club AS Bondy to join the youth team of the capital Paris club. Right in his debut match for the PSG U12 team, Ethan scored, then continuously left his mark during his time playing for the youth teams here.

The Mbappe brothers shared their joy after PSG’s victory

Ethan Mbappe signed a 3-year contract with PSG in June 2021 and actually made his unofficial debut at the age of 15, on December 16, 2022 in a friendly match against Paris FC. During the 2023/24 pre-season, this young talent is regularly arranged by coach Enrique to practice and compete with the first team stars.

tin tức - Em trai Mbappe 15 tuổi ra mắt đội một PSG và 1 tương lai đầy hứa  hẹn đang chờ đội tuyển pháp ở kỳ tranh cúp thế giới sau

In mid-September, Ethan Mbappe was registered for the first time in an official match but it took more than 3 months to debut in Ligue 1. At the age of 16, the midfielder wearing shirt number 38 still has a lot of time left. to develop, with the expectation of reaching the digital star level like his brother Kylian.

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